Wednesday, March 22, 2023
9:48 PM

  1. Ucom offers a new uDrift 3500 mobile internet tariff plan
  2. Ucom: New App, New Features
  3. The first “Doing Digital” Forum will be held in Yerevan
  4. The so-called "reintegration" of Artsakh into Azerbaijan will directly pave the way to ethnic cleansing and genocide. Gegham Stepanyan
  5. During the SSS Holidays India Vizag 2023, Triple S VC announced its second investment of 2023 in a startup called Denovo Sciences
  6. Viva-MTS Survey: What women want to get as a gift for March 8?
  7. Converse Bank has completed the distribution of bonds
  8. On the occasion of March 8 Karen Vardanyan donated 113 million drams to 562 mothers of many children in Lori
  9. Ucom offers Honor X9a smartphone at 4000 amd/month, plus Honor X3 wıreless earbuds, 100 GB of ınternet and a nıce phone number
  10. Information on Viva-MTS coverage map and technologies made publicly available
  11. Ucom announces CEO transition. Ara Khachatryan to step down; Ralph Yirikian to take over
  12. Orthoses: getting wounded soldiers back to normal life. Yet another success by Viva-MTS and the “Soldier's home”
  13. The rating of Armeconombank given by Fitch Ratings has been improved
  14. Ucom’s call center in Vanadzor is 1 year old
  15. Statement on the Order of the International Court of Justice Demanding the Unblocking of the Lachin Corridor
  16. Viva-MTS: side by side with the families getting personal assistant support
  17. At the closing ceremony of the Seaside Startup Summit Holidays Vizag India 2023, Triple S Ventures VC announced its first investment deal of 2023 with one of the participant startups called Docus
  18. The international Aikido Aikikai festival was held with the technical support of Ucom
  19. Byblos Bank Armenia celebrates 15th anniversary
  20. Viva-MTS: “+100 minutes” and “+300 minutes” services are already available for Postpaid “X” and “Y” tariff plans subscribers
  21. Viva-MTS: Orthotics - after the wounding. preventing post-injury complications is a goal for partner organizations
  22. JTI awarded Global Top Employer for the 9th consecutive year
  23. Changes have been applied to the monthly fees of the Level Up prepaid tariff plans of the Ucom mobile services
  24. Ameriabank has provided business loans totaling over AMD 14 billion to the renewable energy sector
  25. Targeted support is in the spotlight of Viva-MTS
  26. Lease for your business from Evoca
  27. Converse Bank receives its second award this year
  28. The European Union and Viva-MTS join forces with Catalyst Foundation to support Armenian Tech Entrepreneurs. Armenia Startup Academy Traction Programme Bath 3 Demo Day
  29. Ameriabank Leading the Mortgage Market Five Years in a Row
  30. Global Finance: Converse Bank is Armenia's leading bank in Trade Finance
  31. 330 million drams from Vardanyan brothers to the families of the killed during the 44-day war
  32. Switch to Electric Vehicle with Evoca
  33. Azerbaijan’s only obligation is to not impede the movement in any way the safety of movement of citizens, vehicles and cargo in both directions
  34. The Human Rights Defender of the Republic of Artsakh published an Interim report
  35. The blockade of Artsakh is only one of the components of the Azerbaijani plan to destroy the people of Artsakh. Artsakh MFA
  36. Statement on the 33rd anniversary of the Armenian pogroms in Baku
  37. -Evoca Mobile POS: mPOS. A cashless payment tool for businesses
  38. The international community has all the necessary toolkit and all the legal grounds to intervene in the situation in Artsakh․ Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Artsakh
  39. “+Premium” service: get additional 30 GB and “Yandex Plus” subscription within your “X”, “Y”, “Z”, “Viva” or “START” tariff plan
  40. Ameriabank named Best Foreign Exchange Bank in Armenia by Global Finance
  41. 120,000 residents of Artsakh are cut off from the world, 1,100 citizens cannot return home, there is a danger of a humanitarian catastrophe. chronicle of Azerbaijani actions
  42. Ucom sponsored the 90th anniversary celebration of the "Bookinist" bookstore
  43. 111 million drams from Mikael Vardanyan to 157 disabled children of Tavush.
  44. While we are ready for dialogue with Azerbaijan, we have red lines, that we will not violate. Araik Harutyunyan participated in the extraordinary session of the National Assembly
  45. Statement of the Foreign Ministry of Armenia on the Azerbaijani provocation in the Lachin Corridor
  46. An extended session of the Security Council was held in Artsakh, it was decided to appeal to the command of the Russian peacekeeping troops
  47. “Smart Infrastructures” panel discussion in participation of the ICT companies and Public Services Regulatory Commission
  48. “Smart Infrastructures” panel discussion in participation of the ICT companies and Public Services Regulatory Commission
  49. The Artfor's — art for more: artists save lives
  50. Ameriabank named the Bank of the Year 2022 in Armenia by The Banker Magazine