Wednesday, March 22, 2023
10:58 PM

  1. The St Michael School now closed
  2. Call for apolitical national strategic plan
  3. Residents urged to give Speightstown traffic changes chance to work
  4. First local medicinal cannabis therapeutic facility coming
  5. Chamber: Kenyan market ‘promising’ but challenges remain
  7. Spike in fires sends residents rushing for respiratory meds
  8. BHTA concerned about impact of sargassum influx on tourism
  9. Bar owner served notice, he wants more time to get possessions from City Bar
  10. Nursery students to take classwork online
  11. University lecturer says too many children unable to read, as she highlights delay in education reform
  12. BARP wants pensions to be tax-free
  13. Losses and skyrocketing costs of raw materials, force staff cuts at Arawak 
  14. ‘TOO COSTLY’
  15. #BTColumn – The 2023 budget
  16. #BTColumn – PM’S response to budget concerns inadequate – Economist
  17. Barbados and France call for a new global financial system
  18. #BTSpeakingOut – Two positive decisions by the NCF
  19. Burger King honours long serving staff
  20. Artistes astound at Baje to the World show