Wednesday, March 22, 2023
10:12 PM

  1. NAIP working to raise investments for Belarusian startups
  2. Belarusian report on fulfilling nuclear safety convention presented in IAEA
  3. Belarusian scientists take part in Agro-Industrial Forum 2023 in Russia's Ufa
  4. Belarus slams report on human rights violations as ‘true hypocrisy'
  5. Syrian ambassador: People should unite to prevent the Khatyn tragedy from repeating
  6. Belarus resolutely condemns report on ‘human rights violations' at UN meeting
  7. Belarus' NOC turns 32
  8. Zimbabwean diplomat attends commemorative ceremony in Khatyn
  9. Commemorative rally in Astashevo
  10. Belarus' Mogilev Oblast presents export, investment potential in Russia
  11. Belarus, Oman discuss cooperation prospects in trade, economy
  12. Lukashenko confident in Belarusian economy's resilience
  13. Lukashenko: 'Khatyn is our pain, our memory'
  14. Lukashenko: 2024 political campaign will go well if Belarusians keep their cool
  15. Lukashenko explains West's ire over Xi Jinping's visit to Russia
  16. Belarus, Egypt discuss industrial cooperation, assembly plants
  17. Lukashenko: It is people who will chose Belarus' leader at next presidential election
  18. From €1,080 per m²! Super prices in Minsk World only until the end of March!
  19. Lukashenko talks about capture of ‘spies' in Poland
  20. Belarusians urged to stay united, keep their guard up
  21. Lukashenko cautions against giving Ukraine depleted-uranium shells
  22. Khatyn Tragedy: 80 Years On
  23. Lukashenko: “Aryan standards” are now replaced by liberal democratic values
  24. Lukashenko: There is no justification for a genocide policy
  25. Lukashenko lights candle in Khatyn church in memory of war victims
  26. Lukashenko: Khatyn's tragedy will forever remain in the heart of the Belarusian nation
  27. Lukashenko lays wreath at Eternal Flame in Khatyn
  28. Lukashenko leaves entry in book of distinguished guests in Khatyn
  29. Lukashenko, his sons visit museum in Khatyn Memorial Complex
  30. Cooperation between Minsk Oblast, Leningrad Oblast discussed in Minsk
  31. Lukashenko to take part in Khatyn tragedy commemorative event
  32. Uzbekistan president visits Belarus' national stand during Navruz celebrations in Tashkent
  33. Lukashenko sends greetings to participants of Minsk International Book Fair
  34. Industry seen as most promising avenue of Belarus-China cooperation
  35. How Khatyn became a symbol of sorrow and why Lukashenko has a special attitude to such iconic places
  36. Lukashenko addresses Belarusians on 80th anniversary of Khatyn tragedy
  37. Navruz celebrations at BSU
  38. Belarus, China intent on advancing cooperation across the board
  39. Belarusian army's Northwestern Command starts defense planning exercise
  40. New Iranian ambassador arrives in Minsk
  41. Belarus supports Saudi Arabia's bid for World Expo 2030
  42. Program of Minsk book fair unveiled
  43. Great Stone park seen as great source of business opportunity on Belt and Road platform
  44. Belarus' exports to China almost double in 2022
  45. Public discussion of amendments to national security concept launched in Belarus
  46. Belarus' exports to China projected to increase to $2.2bn in 2023
  47. Belarus, Russia should coordinate their response to global developments
  48. Opinion: Belarus, Russia should coordinate their response to global developments
  49. Belarusian MFA pays tribute to Nazism victims
  50. Exhibition about Khatyn in Minsk
  51. Delegation of Russia's Kursk Oblast visits Belarus' Grodno
  52. Belarus, Russia to take nuclear industry cooperation beyond power engineering
  53. Belarus' NOC president, Kalmykia head discuss 2nd CIS Games
  54. Bison herd in Volozhin District
  55. Storks return to Belarus
  56. Lukashenko speaks about recidivism among unemployed
  57. Lukashenko wonders whether law enforcement agencies no longer use departmental quotas
  58. Lukashenko demands toughest action to end violence against women, children
  59. Lukashenko: Government will always protect children, pensioners
  60. Prosecutor General reports on criminal situation in Belarus
  61. Lukashenko shares details of operation to eliminate terrorist in Grodno
  62. Uzbekistan interested in Bobruiskagromash agricultural machinery
  63. Lukashenko names reasons for large meeting with security services
  64. Belarusian security forces urged to be prepared for any event
  65. Lukashenko hosts meeting with security, military officials
  66. Belarusian Confederation of Entrepreneurship to establish ties with companies in Iraq
  67. Russia's Kalmykia shows interest in Belarusian MAZ vehicles
  68. Lukashenko sends Nowruz greetings to Iran
  69. Belarus' Amkodor, Russia's Bashkortostan outline new areas of cooperation
  70. Lukashenko sends Independence Day greetings to Namibia
  71. Belarus, Uzbekistan sign plan of joint sports events
  72. Belarusian delegation to visit Russia's Bashkortostan on 21-24 March
  73. Belarus, Kazakhstan consider cooperation in international organizations
  74. Russia's Kalmykia seeks closer cooperation with Belarus' MTZ
  75. Vice premier outlines Belarus-Kalmykia cooperation prospects
  76. Belarus, Armenia discuss cooperation in mechanical engineering, construction
  77. Belarusian senators ratify agreement on Eurasian Reinsurance Company
  78. Regions of Belarus, Russia intend to sign new cooperation agreements
  79. Belarus' upper house makes statement over EP resolution on Belarus
  80. Belarus, Russia to discuss cooperation in personnel training
  81. Belarus to present national report on nuclear safety at IAEA
  82. Belarusian food producers sign $2m contracts at AgriteQ in Qatar
  83. Belarusian heart surgeons are on par with world's best
  84. African countries show interest in Union State as union of sovereign countries
  85. Kalmykia head speaks about potential of cooperation with Belarus
  86. MP: African countries show interest in Union State as union of sovereign countries
  87. Lukashenko meets with Belarus' NOC president
  88. Flash deal in Minsk World! 5% off for quick payment!
  89. Lukashenko sends Independence Day greetings to Tunisia
  90. Iranian roadmap, ‘snowdrops', African affairs, nanometers, call to Putin in latest President's Week
  91. Sabalenka remains 2nd in WTA
  92. Sport climbing competitions in Minsk
  93. MP: African countries actively develop cooperation with Belarus
  94. Belarus' principled position hailed as example for many Russians
  95. Belaya Rus, United Russia political parties to sign cooperation agreement in April
  96. Lukashenko: Cooperation with Russia's Kalmykia is gaining ground
  97. Belarus, India discuss cooperation in manufacturing
  98. Mitkovskaya: Belarusian heart surgeons are on par with world's best
  99. Belarus' CEC opines on public involvement in legislative process
  100. Iran's ambassador: Bilateral agreements will help grow Belarus-Iran trade several times