Wednesday, July 17, 2024
11:13 PM

  1. Food and Agriculture Organization conducts 5-Day training on Food Insecurity Experience Scale (FIES) and Sustainable Development Goal Indicator (SDG)
  2. Belizeans endure grueling week of power outages amidst generation shortages and supply restrictions from CFE
  3. Minister of Foreign Affairs meet with U.S. State Department representative, Belizean students in Guatemala
  4. Prime Minister brokers CFE meeting during private Mexico trip; outlines Belize’s path to energy independence
  5. Government of Belize celebrates completion of Philip Goldson Highway and Remate Bypass Upgrading Project
  6. Ministry of Sustainable Development urges Belizeans to report any wildfires
  7. Belizeans complete Diploma in Culinary Arts Program
  8. Will Commissioner of Police run for office?; Prime Minister says he is “competent and qualified”
  9. Prime Minister calls out Leader of the Opposition for “narco state” comments
  10. Belize Weather: The heat remains on