Wednesday, July 17, 2024
9:42 PM

  1. Sánchez proposes that the media make their ownership public, detail how they are financed and reform the institutional advertising law
  2. These are the democratic regeneration measures announced by Sánchez
  3. Feijóo despises Sánchez's regeneration plan: "It's just another milonga, the biggest hoax in Spain is you"
  4. The Complutense does not find irregularities in the chair of Begoña Gómez but asks the judge to continue investigating
  5. The number two of the Interior with the PP says that the 7,000 consultations about Podemos were “an ordinary police activity”
  6. Writer Rosa Regàs dies at 90
  7. The Constitutional Court disgraces the Court and the Supreme Court for their "extravagant interpretation" of the law to condemn Chaves and Griñán
  8. The Constitutional Court reduces the disqualification of Gaspar Zarrías, Chaves' right hand man, in the final stretch of the ERE case
  9. EREs: End to an ignominy
  10. Why ERC urges the PSC to close the agreement to invest Salvador Illa
  11. All parties in the Parliament except the PP reissue the cordon sanitaire to isolate the extreme right
  12. ERC denounces its former Director of Communication and accuses him of leaking audios about the case of the Maragall posters
  13. They discover the effect of hallucinogenic mushrooms on the brain: “Psilocybin temporarily erases your individuality”
  14. Annoris, sister of the first person killed by a Mossos Taser: "Electric guns must be banned"
  15. The driver of the bus that crashed in Pineda fell asleep at the wheel
  16. The French left overcomes an obstacle and elects the communist André Chassaigne as a candidate to preside over the Assembly
  17. Biden acknowledges that he would abandon the presidential race if he had a serious medical problem
  18. An unsolved mystery: the FBI searches the town of Trump's attacker in search of motivations for the attack
  19. Equality asks the director of the Women's Institute for explanations for its contracts with city councils
  20. The new European Parliament starts with a message of support for Ukraine while refusing to talk about the massacre in Gaza
  21. PP and Vox in Murcia leave the Podemos deputy whose paternity leave criticized by the extreme right for a month without pay
  22. Labor opens up to making the reduction of working hours more flexible and the unions threaten with mobilizations if there is no progress
  23. 250,000 euros fine to Cetelem for charging 10 receipts for an uncollected debt in the account of a total unknown
  24. Gibraltar, Spanish, 'ma non troppo': the national soccer ardor that hurt more in the Rock than the defeat of England
  25. The map of record heat in Spain: compare the temperature of each day with the historical average of your province
  26. Juan Carlos Monedero denounces two security guards who scolded and insulted him at an AVE checkpoint
  27. A study of 80,000 people associates cycling to work with a halving of the risk of death
  28. Santiago Segura, José Mota and the producer Luis Álvarez buy the Pedraza castle
  29. 🎙 PODCAST | The grief when you lose a brother
  30. Trump's ear
  31. The Europeanism of the extreme right as a spirit of the times
  32. Euro Cup: done. Overcoming the 18th century: we'll see
  33. Belong to the body
  34. Repeal the Gag Law
  35. The foundation for “battered men” will sue Compromís spokesperson, Joan Baldoví, if he does not pay 20,000 euros
  36. The spill of fuel on the beaches of l'Albufera is controlled while the neighborhood movement targets the Port traffic
  37. 'Father there is only one 4', another exasperating contraption from the Santiago Segura factory
  38. Singer Ángel Stanich cancels his concert at the FIB due to "an anxiety disorder"
  39. It is not Tuscany in Teruel (nor does it have anything to envy): an oil and wine route through the Matarraña
  40. Bibiana Fernández is 'The Lady' in a crazy version of 'Las Criadas', by Genet
  41. Republicans fall apart with a martyr Trump: “The Democratic Party has promoted this. The media has promoted it”
  42. Starmer Labor Government announces laws to nationalize trains and facilitate housing construction
  43. Laura Casielles: "When recognizing the Palestinian State, the coherent thing would be to do so with the Sahrawi State as well"
  44. HRW documents that up to eight armed Palestinian groups attacked Israel on October 7 and the Army reacted late
  45. Milei's chainsaw impacts care for victims of gender violence
  46. Anne Hidalgo bathes in the Seine River to show that she is ready for the Paris Olympic Games tests
  47. More Madrid calls for an extraordinary plenary session due to the scandal of the hand-built educational centers
  48. The judge responds to the Barcelona Court that he does not contemplate amnesty for the former head of the CNI for spying on Aragonès
  49. Prison sentence for a former socialist mayor of Los Palacios for an aid of 750,000 euros from the ERE
  50. Guardiola renounces now to repeal the Extremadura Historical Memory law after the break with Vox
  51. Alvise Pérez hides his income from the European Parliament
  52. Colorful, spacious and safe, this is the new and 'desired' Kia Sportage
  53. Women, Africans and researchers: a triple barrier that can be broken down
  54. Eclectic, multicultural and familiar, the 'Rototom Sunsplash' is already warming up for its 29th edition
  55. Nuria Varela, writer: "If you don't do psychological work with women, you will have the abuser in their homes"
  56. The Community of Madrid awards the food audit of the residences with a reduction in the contract of 40%
  57. 'A la carte' profiles of minors and lack of places at destination: the cumbersome procedures that stop referrals to the Peninsula
  58. The Almeida Government dismisses the advisor who prepared the drone show where serious crowds occurred
  59. The Barcelona Urban Guard investigates why one of its patrols did not attend to an unconscious homeless man
  60. Aemet warns of the first heat wave of the summer with temperatures of up to 44 degrees
  61. The Spanish economy opens a new stage: growth above 2%, with deficit and unemployment at a minimum and without 'bubbles'
  62. The Tax Authority requests that "preventive measures" be activated for excessive spending in the Communities
  63. Italy investigates Armani and Dior for illegal working conditions at their suppliers
  64. Musk moves X and SpaceX headquarters from California to Texas in protest of new gender identity law
  65. European Justice strikes down TikTok's attempt to free itself from the strictest obligations imposed by EU law
  66. The Government, the Junta de Andalucía and 18 towns in Málaga and Cádiz agree to launch the Costa del Sol train
  67. 🎙 PODCAST | The bullet that crossed the electoral campaign in the United States
  68. Thinking strong: Raw Meat from the Festival of Ideas and Culture in Barcelona
  69. Martin Baron: “Trump called me to clarify that he was not a child”
  70. Berlanga's hidden files offer the most intimate look at the director of 'The Executioner'
  71. If from Twitter to tweet, from X to equisear or xuitear?
  72. How language, like species, is always evolving
  73. 'Fatal, thank you' or the terror of not knowing if you will be able to pay the rent: "The idea that those who do not do their part are poor is growing"
  74. Alternative Portugal: six destinations for a cheap getaway that are neither Porto nor Lisbon
  75. Is it better to leave melon inside or outside the refrigerator? The best way to keep it at home
  76. Sweat, fungus or chafing: the eight recommendations from a podiatrist to take care of our feet in summer
  77. Electric toothbrush vs. Manual brushing: in which cases is one or the other more effective?
  78. The accounts of in 2023: a transparent, independent and debt-free newspaper
  79. A gender perspective on the climate emergency: keys and proposals
  80. Thousands of people fill the festival in Barcelona to demand free journalism
  81., the most read native digital medium, according to the Reuters Institute report