Wednesday, July 17, 2024
11:06 PM

Burkino Faso
  1. Burkina: The government denounces the refoulement of around a hundred Burkinabe from Ivory Coast “in defiance of humanitarian rules”
  2. Sexual and reproductive health of adolescents and young people in Burkina: RAES launches phase 2 of the “c’est la vie” program
  3. Bilateral cooperation: Sino-Burkinabe Yubao Li involved in the mines and agriculture of his second homeland
  4. Presidential election in Rwanda: Paul Kagame in the lead with 99.15% of the votes
  5. Rwanda: Kagame again and again
  6. Tapoa: Diapaga resupplied, popular jubilation in the city
  7. Illicit developments and constructions in the commune of Komsilga: ONC-AC bulldozers restore order
  8. Ouagadougou: an alleged thief throws himself into the waters of the North interchange bridge
  9. Sale of condiments in Bobo-Dioulasso: prices are soaring, markets are emptying
  10. One from 07-17-2024