Wednesday, March 22, 2023
10:49 PM

Burkino Faso
  1. Donsin Airport Trial: Defendants Convicted, the State Cleared
  2. Togo: Vincent Bolloré still indicted for corruption
  3. China-Russia: Enriching Partnership in the New Era
  4. Insurance: The challenges of the African insurance market on the menu of the 8th meeting of leaders of insurance companies
  5. Yolande Traoré/Poda, gender and financial inclusion lead at USAID's ViMPlus project: "Through religious arguments, we seek to solve gender problems in families"
  6. Retraining of Burkinabè footballers: Footballer Charles Kaboré launches his 2nd company
  7. One of 22-03-2023
  8. Presidential program "drinking water for all": the village of Wanvoussé receives the first solar boreholes
  9. Smile of 03-22-2023
  10. Conservation of vaccines: equipment worth more than one billion CFA francs received