Wednesday, July 17, 2024
11:19 PM

  1. Chad: Police cancel unjustified fines and establish a toll-free number for complaints
  2. Chad-Libya: signing of an agreement on the expulsion of Chadians in an irregular situation
  3. Migratory pressure: Chad calls on the countries concerned for genuine multilateral cooperation
  4. AfDB: the sovereign portfolio at the top of the 2024 Aid Transparency Index ranking
  5. Chad: Youth Volounteers Chad Act 4SDG plants trees to fight desertification
  6. Chad: how to effectively prepare for the second round of baccalaureate in record time?
  7. Rehashing so-called South China Sea arbitration cannot conceal rights infringement and provocation
  8. Chad: in South Kanem, inauguration of a water tower in the village of Bocherome
  9. Chad: the RESITCHAD project launches a staff recruitment notice
  10. Chad: Media House launches its activities on the electoral processes of May 6
  11. Chad: Open days at SHIMT Business School
  12. Chad: the fight against gender inequalities begins at birth
  13. Chad: the ACRA Foundation returns to the campaign on peaceful cohabitation and living together in Ouaddaï
  14. Chad: summer courses, a way to strengthen students' capacities during the holidays
  15. Chad: UNDP and its partners come together for an emergency response in the east of the country
  16. Chad: political leaders call for reforms to the electoral process
  17. Voluntary national reviews: Chad's INSEED CEO proposes partnerships to reduce poverty
  18. Chad: the FMM restores order and peace in Baga with Operation Lake Sanity 2
  19. Chad: ONAPE grants agricultural credits to producers in Tandjilé
  20. Demography: Quebec will overtake Switzerland and Belarus in 2024, then Austria in 2025