Wednesday, March 22, 2023
9:53 PM

  1. People's sense of happiness tells competence of its government: Chinese FM
  2. U.S.-proposed 'guardrails' are sci-tech blockade measures in nature: Chinese FM
  3. China launches four meteorological satellites
  4. Baby sloth meets the public in SW China's Chongqing
  5. Flights to and from Xinjiang's first super-high plateau airport resume
  6. China's homegrown 50-meter rails shipped from Tianjin Port to Europe
  7. 4,000 cotton rose seeds return from space sprout
  8. Chinese-made 50-meter steel rails exported to Europe for first time
  9. 5.6-magnitude quake hits 118 km NE of Miyako, Japan -- USGS
  10. Insights | U.S. Scholar: China has weathered the storm to maintain growth
  11. Sandstorm sweeps northern China
  12. Soldiers patrol on snow-capped plateau
  13. Scientists explore potential of floating solar panels in energy supply, water saving
  14. Violence against Black women in L.A. remains high: Brunswick News
  15. Gun violence can affect every part of city life: Philadelphia Inquirer
  16. Sandstorm engulfs north China
  17. Giant panda Bao Xin dies from multiple organ failure
  18. Xi leaves for China after state visit to Russia
  19. Students returned after illegally entering Myanmar
  20. Young Chinese tend to make wills amid social concept changes
  21. China releases latest preferential tax policies for chip companies
  22. 9 killed, 47 injured in earthquake in Pakistan
  23. S2 train runs through blooming flowers in Beijing
  24. Boao Forum for Asia 2023 to be held from March 28 to 31
  25. Five new archaeological discoveries of 2022 in Henan released
  26. Qarhan Salt Lake in Qinghai
  27. Large-scale alkene project underway in Inner Mongolia
  28. CATL confirms mass production of cutting-edge batteries
  29. Ambassadors thumb up fantastic Chinese sceneries at 2023 Discovering China
  30. Envoys from 26 countries and regions visit Chongqing, praise its development
  31. A new dangerous fugus is spreading in the U.S.
  32. Hozon starts NEV startups' biggest overseas shipment
  33. Wife investigated for killing husband, storing body in freezer
  34. Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin jointly meet the press
  35. HK seeks integration with national goals
  36. Taiwan leader's U.S. 'transit' firmly opposed by China
  37. Bridge traffic up after it opens to tourists
  38. Hong Kong-Changsha high-speed railway to open on April 1
  39. Xi, Putin stress talks as solution to Ukraine crisis
  40. Xi, Putin sign joint statement on pre-2030 development plan on priorities in China-Russia economic cooperation
  41. 6.5-magnitude earthquake jolts parts of Afghanistan, Pakistan
  42. Xi, Putin vow to deepen strategic partnership in fruitful talks
  43. Xi, Putin hold talks
  44. So-called country reports released by U.S. reflect its double standards: Chinese FM
  45. Fed, bank turmoil keep markets on tenterhooks and learning curve
  46. CNOOC's offshore carbon dioxide injection well begins drilling work
  47. Policy to improve domestic production of soybeans
  48. Welcome to trip strengthening cross-Straits bonds
  49. Beijing records 21.8 million permanent residents in 2022, down 43,000 from 2021
  50. Crude and gold may continue swinging
  51. U.S. users oppose possible ban on TikTok
  52. China lodges solemn representation to U.S. over Tsai's transit
  53. Paris 2024 organizers to recruit 45,000 volunteers
  54. Digital talent in China are more involved in ICT sector
  55. Educational travel on the rise
  56. Ready-to-cook Chinese cuisine big hit in Canada
  57. Justice system failure in U.S. tip of iceberg
  58. Leaders call for Ukraine peace talks
  59. Document raises China Mobile's voice on 6G standards
  60. Xi, Putin agree to deepen comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination for new era
  61. Xi, Putin jointly meet the press
  62. Xi says ready to join Putin in making plans for bilateral ties, practical cooperation
  63. China urges U.S. to stop escalating Ukraine crisis
  64. Xi says China to expand cooperation with Russia in trade, investment, supply chain, mega projects, energy, hi-tech
  65. China's anti-graft chief stresses need for high-quality discipline inspection
  66. Xi, Putin sign joint statement on deepening comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination for the new era
  67. New York beefs up security measures amid uncertainties over Trump case
  68. Hong Kong, Guangdong sign deals to boost cooperation, GBA development
  69. China launches tourism promotion activities in Beijing
  70. Macao SAR gov't firmly opposes U.S. report on human rights
  71. Xi says China, Russia to develop bilateral ties from broad, long-term perspective
  72. Xi says China, Russia to jointly work for post-pandemic recovery, multipolar world
  73. Xi says China-Russia relations crucial to future of mankind
  74. U.S. CDC warns of rapid spread of emerging fungus
  75. Things you may not know about the Spring Equinox
  76. New Chinese Ambassador to Japan Wu Jianghao arrives in Japan
  77. President Xi Jinping meets with Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin
  78. China's renewable energy capacity expands in Jan-Feb
  79. Enping 20-4 oilfield platform under construction in S China sea
  80. Little creatures turn Pingtan beach blue
  81. World's largest span arch bridge under construction in Guangxi
  82. Nowruz Festival celebrated in NW China's Xinjiang
  83. Young mother builds 'fairy tale world' for daughters with recycled paper boxes
  84. Chinese 'Fireworks Dragon' debuts at Cape Town Carnival
  85. Xi says he invites Putin to China for Belt and Road forum
  86. Picturesque scenery of cloud-shrouded tea garden in Sichuan
  87. Two rivers meet with clear boundary in Qinghai
  88. U.S. deterrence, pressure increase tension on Korean Peninsula: Chinese envoy
  89. Scientists mull building underwater telescope to detect cosmic rays
  90. China's rail passenger trips, cargo volume rise in February
  91. China's expenditure on basic research exceeds 195 billion yuan in 2022
  92. Cherry blossoms enter full bloom in Anhui
  93. Solar halo observed over Lhasa
  94. China releases annual global climate report
  95. International Day of Forests: Exploring China's national forest parks
  96. (W.E. Talk) How does the China solution to biodiversity protection enlighten the world?
  97. Insights | Pakistan scholar: I am a follower of the Chinese development path
  98. Sandstorm to hit northern China as yellow alert issued across 10 provinces
  99. New mineral coating helps oral probiotics survive manufacturing, digestion: study
  100. President Xi Jinping meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin