Wednesday, March 22, 2023
10:11 PM

  1. Colombians call for “Libertad y Orden” after Petro ends ceasefire with Gulf Clan
  2. Opinión: Claudicación del Estado
  3. Are Colombia’s skies becoming politicized?
  4. VP Francia Márquez’s angers Colombians over helicopter commute
  5. Colombian military quells miners’ strike in the Bajo Cauca
  6. Bukele to Petro: “What’s your obsession with El Salvador?”
  7. Tourism to Colombia surges three years after COVID-19 outbreak
  8. Soprano Betty Garcés: Colombia’s leading lady of song
  9. Could Colombia’s Petro face a similar political fate as Samper?
  10. Antioquia wants to expedite translocation of Escobar’s “cocaine hippos”
  11. Briton arrested at Cali airport with suitcase filled with cocaine
  12. Petro “insists on unilateral release” of 79 Colombian police hostage in Caguán
  13. Bogotá tributes La Belle Époque with VI International Classic Music Festival
  14. As Colombia’s Petro scoffs Bukele, 79 police kidnapped in Caguán
  15. Petro faces crisis of confidence with cabinet resignations
  16. Viva Air suspends Colombia operations
  17. Colombia justifies why no coca was eradicated in January
  18. Petro at ANATO: Colombia must end “ghetto tourism”
  19. Colombian emigration in 2022 near record levels: CERAC
  20. Ute Lemper to inaugurate “La Belle Époque” at Bogotá’s Teatro Mayor.
  21. Peru moves to declare Colombia’s Petro “persona non grata”
  22. Bogotá sees two days of peaceful demonstrations
  23. Protests return to Bogotá streets as tensions rise over health “reform”
  24. Ex-Bogotá Mayor Samuel Moreno dead after cardiac arrest
  25. Colombian coronel hands over Distinguished Medal to families of “False Positives”