Wednesday, July 17, 2024
11:37 PM

  1. Danish author Tove Ditlevsen on New York Times top 100 list
  2. Foreign labour contributes DKK 76 billion to Danish economy in three months
  3. Survey: These are the most popular baby names in Denmark
  4. Falling interest rates and higher wages ease entry to housing market
  5. Murakami says I can’t be a novelist, could he be right?
  6. Danish Originals S3 E2: Gregers Heering
  7. US auction house opens in Copenhagen to sell 500-million-kroner Danish coin collection
  8. Maersk share value falls as investors speculate about end of freight boom
  9. Prosecutors demand tougher punishment for man who struck Danish PM on street
  10. Rwandan genocide suspect faces extradition from Denmark
  11. Danes work longer and die earlier than EU average
  12. “Situation critical” for Biden, say Democrats Abroad in Denmark