Friday, July 12, 2024
9:58 AM

Dominican Republic
  1. President Abinader inaugurates the Festival of Flowers in Jarabacoa
  2. Labor Minister: Government committed to consensus-based social security reform
  3. Ministry of Health reports decrease in malaria cases
  4. President Abinader vows continued reforms and democratic strengthening
  5. Human trafficking network dismantled in Santiago
  6. Ministry of Environment halts activities in Las Dunas de las Calderas
  7. Private investment and development in Cabo Rojo tourism
  8. DGII introduces tax scoring tool
  9. Emergency response to fire at construction company warehouse
  10. Haitian Prime Minister pledges hospital rebuilding
  11. Dominican Republic expands airline industry with 281 new connections
  12. Tani, mascot of U-17 Women
  13. President Abinader issues decrees to reform National Police
  14. Tourism Ministry begins reconstruction of streets in Puerto Plata
  15. “Typical Adventure” takes over Hard Rock Café Santo Domingo
  16. Navy intercepts boat attempting to reach Puerto Rico
  17. WTJO announces global network for emerging travel destinations
  18. Montecristi hosts Tourism in Every Corner event
  19. Public Prosecutor
  20. FITRAM announces Santo Domingo to AILA metropolitan train project