Wednesday, March 22, 2023
9:33 PM

Dominican Republic
  1. Claudio Caamaño promotes technical irrigation on World Water Day
  2. Dominican Republic and Ecuador sign agreement to guarantee pensions to workers
  3. Danilo arrived in the country on a private flight from the United States
  4. Economic growth is the main attraction of the Dominican Republic for investors
  5. Public-private partnerships help curb corruption, says jurist
  6. Air Caraïbes seeks to cover routes left by Air France in the Dominican Republic
  7. Punta Cana Airport will receive 1.5 million more passengers with expansion of the TB
  8. The situation of water scarcity has worsened in Santo Domingo Este
  9. The UASD receives a donation of 100,000 electronic devices that were purchased by the Miner during the pandemic
  10. ADP requests pensions of RD$50,000 for teachers
  11. Minister of the Presidency: Linking Abinader in the Squid case is
  12. Trade between the DR and the European Union reached in 2022 the sum of 4.137 MM euros
  13. Inheritance for Expats in the Dominican Republic
  14. Families live in danger due to the Hato Mayor landfill
  15. Former Banreservas comptroller transported money for
  16. Government will use Waze to guide citizens on alternative routes during the Ibero-American Summit
  17. The Corales Puntacana Championship PGA TOUR starts today
  18. Radhamés Jiménez assures government is leading the country to bankruptcy
  19. Sleep apnea is now covered by the ARS in the Dominican Republic
  20. Most crimes Operation Squid were during state of emergency and elections