Monday, February 26, 2024
8:41 AM

  1. This is how Xavier Jordán, Norero’s alleged partner, appears in the chats of the Metastasis case
  2. Colin Armstrong is rescued in Ecuador
  3. Daniel Noboa’s tax reform was published in the Official Registry and is now in force
  4. Diana Salazar says that Glas benefited from drug trafficking
  5. Drug trafficker Leandro Norero offered privileged information to journalist Boscán
  6. The order to immobilize Jorge Glas is for the Manabí Reconstruction case, says the prosecutor
  7. Ecuador will sell part of the ECB’s gold and analyzes targeting subsidies
  8. Increases the unified basic salary by 2024 in Ecuador
  9. Rafael Correa’s alert about the operation in the Metastasis case constitutes a criminal offense
  10. President of the Judiciary was arrested as part of the Metastasis operation