Wednesday, July 17, 2024
11:32 PM

  1. Cristian Espinosa was appointed Ambassador of Ecuador to the United States
  2. Daniel Noboa receives the credentials of the new United States ambassador
  3. 40,000 women will receive scholarships in higher education
  4. Julian Assange released from prison, after agreement with the United States
  5. Armed Forces: Criminal gangs have lost USD 1.2 billion due to military operations in Ecuador
  6. Minister of Defense: “It is not fair that some risk their lives, while others play with justice”
  7. How can green banana flour enhance baked goods?
  8. “I’m crazy for wanting to serve my country,” says Daniel Noboa at the presentation of “La Cárcel del Encuentro” in Santa Elena
  9. Construction of the Encuentro maximum-security prison in Santa Elena begins
  10. National blackout in Ecuador due to transmission line failure, confirms the Government