Wednesday, July 17, 2024
11:16 PM

  1. Abiy Ahmed’s Colonel Jawar, a felon, sexually assaulted the Amhara youths
  2. Ethiopia Needs Long-Term National Development Plan (Part Nineteen, Operational Strategies)
  3. A Letter to the Intellectuals Who Blame Our as the Causes for the Destruction of Our Nation for the Last 50 years
  4. The Battle for Unity: The Real Struggle of the Amhara Fano vs. Diaspora Infighting
  5. Bloodthirsty Abiy Ahmed’s Statement ‘Creator has chosen me, don’t shake me’
  6. Breaking News: Shots Fired at Donald Trump Rally – Latest Updates
  7. Ethiopian Refugees Facing Escalating Risks in Sudan
  8. The official lyric video for “HAGER ENA SEW” by Abush Zeleke has been reimagined in a new way
  9. Ethiopia Needs Long-Term National Development Plan (Part Eighteen, Strategies and Stakeholders)
  10. The Oromo Prosperity Party has found kidnapping to be a lucrative enterprise
  11. The OLA Controversy: Kidnapping Allegations and Denials
  12. Applauding Ambassador Massinga: A Diplomat Unafraid to Stand Up for What’s Right in Ethiopia