Wednesday, July 17, 2024
10:41 PM

  1. Star Economist Acemoglu Discusses Trump: "It's Likely To Be Much Worse Now Than Eight Years Ago"
  2. The Supreme Court's Immunity Ruling: "No One Can Guarantee that Trump Is the Last Maniacal Sociopath Who Will Want Power in America"
  3. Former Saudi Intelligence Chief: "We Have Nothing to Apologize For"
  4. The Fight for the White House: Sliding Toward a Trump Dictatorship?
  5. Gaza City: Possible War Crime - Why Did Israel Bomb This Residential Building?
  6. A Holocaust Survivor Speaks of Her Anger: "It's Difficult to Put Up with These Old Germans"
  7. A Prisoner of War Describes Captivity in Russia: "At Night, I Prayed I Wouldn't Survive to the Next Day"
  8. Italy: An Abandoned Italian Village Gets New Life
  9. England Captain Harry Kane: "People Have Always Thought I Wasn't Good Enough"
  10. Putin's Invasion of Ukraine: Are Airbus Satellite Images Helping Russia Wage War?
  11. My Jewish Family History: The Optimists Ended Up in Auschwitz
  12. Fortress Europe: Migrants Abandoned on the Edge of the Sahara
  13. Israel-Gaza-War: Why the Founder of Human Rights Watch Accuses Israel of Genocide
  14. Populist Push: Europe's Right Wing Eyes a Post-Election Alliance
  15. Rwanda Classified: Europe's Deals with an Autocrat
  16. New Hatred for Politicians: Why Are Attacks and Incitement on the Rise in Germany?
  17. Fish Farming in Iceland: Invasion of the Zombie Salmon
  18. The Landgrab in Ukraine: Russia Moves to Expropriate Homes in Occupied Regions
  19. Alternative for Germany (AfD): How the far-right party became the Long Arm of Russia and China
  20. Still Just a Lightweight: Germany Fails to Gain Traction with Foreign Policy