Wednesday, July 17, 2024
11:27 PM

  1. Five landslides occurred due to the rainfall last weekend
  2. Increased probability of an eruption within the borders of Grindavík
  3. Called out twice to rescue hikers
  4. Icelandic art on display abroad
  5. Sentenced to 8 years in prison
  6. "I’ve never seen anything like this weather"
  7. "The marriage was up in the air for about twenty mintues"
  8. First responders searching for a person in the sea all night
  9. Inflation continues to be steady
  10. Sentenced to probation
  11. Great interest in the Reykjavík Marathon
  12. “He seems to have escaped incredibly well”
  13. "Ukraine belongs among the NATO member states"
  14. A chart shows changes in the magma inflow in Svartsengi
  15. First woman in the world to lift the "Fullsterkur" stone in Iceland
  16. "We need to ask ourselves about Iceland’s security and defense interests"
  17. Grindavík Golf Course: "It is probably the safest golf course in Iceland"
  18. New danger assessment – continuing lava accumulation
  19. Extreme rainfall and a heat wave in the cards
  20. Inflation ongoing - a new hazard assessment will be carried out tomorrow