Wednesday, July 17, 2024
11:47 PM

  1. Iraq declares readiness to mediate between Russia and Ukraine
  2. Iraqi F-16 jets destroy ISIS hideout in Kirkuk
  3. PM Barzani discusses financial reforms with US Treasury official
  4. Barzani and Erdogan discuss bilateral cooperation at Antalya Diplomatic Forum
  5. Conclusion of Iraq Kyokushin Karate Championship: A platform for future talent
  6. American tourists share safe and positive experiences traveling to Iraq
  7. Arrest made in murder case at Maridi Market, Baghdad
  8. Shafaq News explores Al-Turat: Baghdad's ancient Jewish quarter
  9. Foreign workers rescued in huge Babil fire
  10. Iraq’s President to participate in GECF in Algeria
  11. An Iraqi soldier killed in an explosive device in Al-Tarmiya
  12. Iraqi authorities raid nightclub in Baghdad, shutting down multiple establishments
  13. Gunmen attack tribal leader’s house in al-Tarmiyah, north of Baghdad
  14. Iraqi PM vows to Dhi Qar's authorities a massive oil scheme and a civilian airport
  15. Raed Jouhi sentenced to jail and his assets confiscated in absentia
  16. Drug dealer with 135 kg of drugs arrested in Mosul
  17. Iraqi referees selected for 2026 World Cup qualifying matches
  18. CoI summons former advisor for mismanagement of public funds
  19. Iraqi, Turkish FMs discuss Erdogan's visit, Development Road
  20. Japanese "Toyota" enters the Iraqi electricity system
  21. Iraqi National Security releases report on Key operations in February
  22. Iraqi Prime Minister orders dropping charges against blogger Yasser Al-Jubouri
  23. Shafaq Foundation facilitates media collaboration for Baghdad University students
  24. Brig. Gen. Rasool highlights progress in talks to conclude Coalition's mission in Iraq
  25. An RPG damages a PMF headquarters in Dhi Qar