Wednesday, March 22, 2023
11:22 PM

  1. BREAKING NEWS: U.S. Fed approves 0.25 percentage point hike in key interest rate
  2. Coronavirus pandemic latest: March 22, 2023
  3. Kyodo News Digest: March 22, 2023
  4. Figure skating: Kaori Sakamoto starts world title defense strongly
  5. Hong Kong abruptly pulls screening of "Winnie the Pooh" horror film
  6. Japan PM Kishida vows to support Poland through financial assistance
  7. Baseball: Masataka Yoshida shows off his bat at WBC before season with Red Sox
  8. Sumo: Midorifuji sees lead shrink following 1st loss in Osaka
  9. North Korea fires multiple cruise missiles: S. Korea military
  10. Tokyo cherry blossoms in full bloom, matching 2nd earliest record
  11. BREAKING NEWS: Kishida vows to support Poland through financial assistance
  12. Japan land prices up for 2nd yr in post-COVID rebound
  13. Baseball: Shohei Ohtani named Classic MVP, aims next at Angels postseason
  14. Fans rejoice as Japan claims 3rd WBC title after victory over U.S.
  15. Baseball: WBC finishes in high drama as Shohei Ohtani delivers
  16. IN PHOTOS: 2023 World Baseball Classic
  17. Baseball: Shohei Ohtani fans Mike Trout, closes out Japan's 3rd WBC title
  18. Russia hails China's Ukraine cease-fire proposal in joint statement
  19. Japan PM vows continued support for Ukraine in unannounced visit
  20. BREAKING NEWS: Japan beats U.S. 3-2 to win 3rd World Baseball Classic title
  21. IMF plans $15.6 billion worth of financing package for Ukraine
  22. Japan to lift evacuation orders in 2 Fukushima towns next week
  23. BREAKING NEWS: Tokyo, Kyiv urge immediate withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukraine
  24. BREAKING NEWS: Japan, Ukraine to seek prosecution of all responsible for war crimes
  25. BREAKING NEWS: Japan, Ukraine condemn Russia's nuclear threats: statement
  26. BREAKING NEWS: Japan, Ukraine release joint statement, criticize Russian invasion
  27. Japan-led maglev project in U.S. east faces cost, regulatory hurdles
  28. Xi, Putin stress talks as solution to Ukraine crisis
  29. BREAKING NEWS: Kishida invites Zelenskyy to join G-7 Hiroshima summit online
  30. BREAKING NEWS: Japan PM vows to give $30 mil. of nonlethal equipment to Ukraine