Wednesday, March 22, 2023
10:27 PM

  1. Kazakhstan’s Muslims Prepare for Celebration of Holy Month of Ramadan
  2. Kazakhstan’s Election Offered Voters Increased Choice, Some Limitations Remain, OSCE Observers Say
  3. Cultural Events to Celebrate Nauryz This Long Weekend
  4. American Student in Almaty Hails Nauryz with Famous Kazakh “Kara Zhorga” Tune (Video)
  5. Kazakhstan Сelebrates Nauryz and Three Days of Festivities
  6. Central Election Commission Announces Preliminary Election Results: Six Parties Elected to Parliament
  7. Voters Abroad: Expectations of Kazakhs from New Parliament
  8. Kazakh Minister Addresses Security Issues of Caspian Region at Baku Forum
  9. Foreign Observers Assess Kazakhstan’s Election as Transparent and Democratic
  10. UNICEF: Kazakhstan’s Repatriation Program Serves as Model for Other Countries