Wednesday, July 17, 2024
11:06 PM

  1. The State Committee for National Security explained what Kamchybek Tashiev’s brother-in-law is accused of
  2. Askat Alagozov commented on the arrests of relatives of Zhaparov and Tashiev
  3. In the Kyrgyz Republic, a fine of 2 million soms is provided for shooting a snow leopard.
  4. The Bishkek mayor's office announced preliminary deadlines for completing street repairs
  5. Akylbek Japarov: We want to move forward by making a “leopard leap”
  6. Major road repairs: a section of Chui Avenue is being closed
  7. Bishkek residents will be able to receive loans for environmentally friendly heating systems
  8. Eco-certificates were awarded to 65 tourist sites in Kyrgyzstan in Bishkek
  9. A bust of Hero of the Soviet Union, poet Musa Jalil was erected in Bishkek
  10. In 2024, Aiyl Bank leased agricultural equipment worth 2.5 billion soms
  11. Ministry of Digital Development of the Kyrgyz Republic: Now you can get a police clearance certificate in just 3 hours
  12. Aksakals of Kyrgyzstan and Russia: it is necessary to build the KRSU campus
  13. Sadyr Japarov: Erecting a slab on a grave brings suffering to the soul of the deceased
  14. The President called on all Kyrgyzstanis to insure their homes
  15. Torobaev got acquainted with the activities of the company "Eco Azyk"
  16. Russia has developed a cultural adaptation course for migrants from Central Asia
  17. Questions after the tragedy in Osh: will Bishkek “wash away” next time?
  18. The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs announced the number of migrants expelled from the country since the beginning of the year
  19. UNDP: Review of achievements towards advancing the NAP development process
  20. The Ministry of Water and Agriculture is restoring inter-farm canals destroyed by a mudflow in Osh
  21. The State Committee for National Security organized a meeting of telephone traders with representatives of Inmobiles
  22. MEGA has improved the 4G network in Bishkek and Chui region
  23. In Bishkek, the Museum of Military Glory named after Ivan Panfilov is planned to be demolished
  24. WHO: child vaccination has stalled worldwide
  25. All CSTO countries supported the strengthening of the Tajik-Afghan border
  26. Uzbek citizens will be rewarded with money for reporting violations in the water sector
  27. Why do you need to register mobile phones in Kyrgyzstan?
  28. Sergey Belousov: Companies of the Kyrgyz Republic have equal access to preferential financing
  29. Sultangaziev: Responsibility for the life of a patient never leaves me
  30. Ilham Aliyev - leopard of the Turkic world