Wednesday, March 22, 2023
9:25 PM

  1. The Lithuanian football team is already in Belgrade and will test the stadium where they have already lost to the Serbs
  2. After K. Mbappe received the captain's armband, A. Griezmann began to consider the end of his career in the national team
  3. Unique footage: Shows the inside of a French air defense system as a Russian missile is shot down
  4. He admitted how often he visits cafes: "I don't see the point of spending too much"
  5. Monika Linkytė's Eurovision song number has been revealed
  6. G. Nausėda evaluated the municipal elections: he clearly sees who lost them
  7. Due to the scandal, A. Belickaitė's husband V. Jurgutis leaves the post of vice minister: I presented two proposals to A. Armonaitė
  8. Border guards caught five cigarette smugglers, two of them minors
  9. The President assessed the quarrels between Ministers G. Landsbergis and A. Anušauskas: continuous measurement, which has a bigger button, has already done enough damage
  10. The long-kept secret reform was revealed - taxes will skyrocket for one group of workers
  11. Arrows of criticism - also within the Freedom Party: A. Belickaitė calls the decision incomprehensible
  12. Famous people did not miss the premiere of the movie "The Ninth Step" of "Cinema Spring".
  13. In the heart of Europe - anger between the powerful: this time, France and Germany joined hands
  14. Kaunai family's worries: at one point, the teenage son even forbade him to say his name
  15. G. Nausėda urges A. Armonaitė to consider her fate in the post: this is a pathetic example of a low political culture
  16. "Lietkabelis" knocked out Turkish "Frutti Extra" with the last throw in the European Cup match
  17. Vilnius "Rytui" Champions League season is over: won against "Baxi", but squandered the lead necessary for the road ticket
  18. The Russians are undertaking grandiose construction: they will move those living in dilapidated houses to wooden apartment buildings
  19. Šarūnas Jasikevičius mysteriously explained whether he will stay in the Barcelona team after the season
  20. Will come to the aid of farmers fighting for milk purchase prices: essential proposals have been revealed
  21. The Swedish parliament approved the country's accession to NATO
  22. Benas Lastauskas, who quickly became popular on the Internet, openly - why he quit his job and the fine line to bullying
  23. In Russia, there is a deficit of military equipment: Soviet tanks older than V. Putin were withdrawn
  24. It is proposed to expand the powers of the Department of Environmental Protection and tighten criminal liability for polluters
  25. A local woman shaving her hair starts preparing for Easter right after New Year's: she shared her experience
  26. Everyone who wants to live in a clean environment can do it: how to employ waste?
  27. Ministry of Justice: the additional tax on banks is against the principles of law
  28. LVAT rejected S. Gago's complaint: the general commissioner of police acted within the limits of legal acts when making a decision on the extension of service
  29. About 150 soldiers of the Portuguese army's rotational forces arrived in Lithuania
  30. The new purchase of Juventus is an American player who fought in Serbia
  31. The lack of these three vitamins can also cause chapped lips
  32. The designer has no doubts: these three interior trends will appear in almost all homes this year
  33. Brazil: The country abides by ICC rulings and can arrest Putin
  34. R. Žemaitaitis, who won the mandate of Klaipėda city council member, decided to give it up
  35. The Russian official said that the Russian teams will return to the UEFA and FIFA tournaments already in the summer
  36. The unsuccessful election of the head of the LRT created a paradoxical and dangerous situation: "It is completely obvious what will happen next"
  37. You could become a hired worker - here's what you should know
  38. The Court of Justice accepted to examine the third request regarding judges' salaries
  39. Test for parents: check if you have the qualities that help raise a successful child
  40. You won't see it often in Lithuania: pink sand appeared on the shore of Lake Dusia
  41. 25 people injured after ship capsizes in dry dock in Scotland
  42. Without a professional qualification, the beautician was engaged in beauty injections: the woman did not know that she could not do it
  43. M. Jakavičienė, bursting with love for ice hockey and breaking stereotypes: "Purposeful work brings the desired results"
  44. The investigation into K. Bartošević's possible crimes against teenagers is gaining momentum: it has been revealed how minors are interrogated
  45. Spain's parliament rejected a proposal to initiate a vote of no confidence in Prime Minister Sanchez
  46. 21 collaborators were identified in the Kherson region, more than half of them served in the police
  47. Due to the illegal possession of narcotic substances, Jurbarkiski will go to prison
  48. M. Lingė on tax reform: "In order to successfully treat, you need not only to drink sweet potions, but also to swallow a bitter pill"
  49. J. Valančiūnas evaluated R. Jokubaitis and Š. Jasikevicius's chances in the NBA
  50. The Competition Council warned Litexpo and the country's higher education institutions about the possible restriction of competition