Wednesday, July 17, 2024
10:38 PM

  1. Meloni “The Mediterranean is a priority for the government”
  2. Malta and Libya agreed to extend agreement on migration
  3. Palermo, 350 thousand for the 400th feast of Santa Rosalia
  4. Malta with the steepest rise in the EU population in a decade
  5. Tunisia, potential presidential candidates arrested
  6. Migrants rescued and arrested by the Libyan and Tunisian authorities
  7. Malta’s population increased by 3.9% in a year
  8. Saved migrants to disembark in Salerno, Libya accused with “life-threatening maneuvers”
  9. Made in Italy furniture on display in Padua, Haftar among African buyers
  10. Ellafi “Italy is a key country for the Tripoli migration forum”