Wednesday, March 22, 2023
11:22 PM

  1. CTSP youth wing calls for youth improvements under YEP and Workfare Program
  2. The Mauritian diaspora questions the legitimacy of Pravind Jugnauth to take part in these discussions
  3. 'Pension funds at risk', warns Jack Bizlall
  4. The Ford Raptor, the walking gold of drug traffickers
  5. Reza Uteem: "Several factors point to the likely holding of early general elections"
  6. Operation seduction launched by the MSM: The Muslim electorate courted, but it resists
  7. Pravind Jugnauth calls a magistrate "incompetent" and her judgment "wobbly"
  8. MFA: 180˚ turn for Minister Stephan Toussaint
  9. march against the
  10. The United Hindu Council protests against the granting of 350 acres to Franklin