Wednesday, July 17, 2024
10:38 PM

  1. Another earthquake occurred in Arkhangai Province
  2. Take advantage of free museum week
  3. Cybercrime causes discussed
  4. CU presents unaudited financial reports
  5. ‘Women-owned Business’ mark created
  6. Incentives for new settlers in rural areas are not helpful
  7. National Library of Mongolia moves to new building
  8. International Cuisine chef training launches
  9. ‘The MongolZ’ qualified for ‘PGL Major Copenhagen 2024’
  10. E.Erkhes grabs bronze medal at 11th Asian Age Group Championship
  11. ‘Botanical Hackathon’ brings out best innovative projects
  12. ‘100 Ail’ construction trade center pollutes citizens, but still no actions carried out to relocate
  13. Timetable of 2024 parliamentary elections
  14. Gazelles migrate through residential areas due to zud
  15. Various donations handed to herders
  16. Tourism week to be organized to promote winter tourism
  17. Science laboratory launched in Teacher Development Center
  18. New Bureau of ICAPP Youth Wing formed
  19. Does NEMA’s helicopter only serve the rich and ignore the rest?
  20. Even passing of Animal Rights Law could not stop animal torture?