Wednesday, July 17, 2024
10:51 PM

  1. Robbers Armed With AK47s Hit Brazilian Mega-Church in Maputo
  2. Concerned At Lack of Money for Roads
  3. Electricity Restored to Cabo Delgado
  4. Supplies of Plaster Reach Nampula Hospitals
  5. IMF Imposes Wage Cuts, Accepts 'Weak Non-Mining Growth' So Mozambique Remains Just Mineral Exporter
  6. Chapo Pledges to Turn Cities Into Thematic Capitals
  7. Amend Electoral Law to Avoid Fraud, Demands Renamo Candidate
  8. Managers Accused of Embezzlement in Zambezia
  9. Jihadis in Northern Mozambique Use Rape As a Weapon of War
  10. Two Ivory Traffickers Arrested
  11. Botswana Pledges Continued Support for Mozambique After Regional Troops Leave
  12. Constitutional Council Ruling Delays Candidate Lists
  13. Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana Team Up for Regional Rail Project
  14. Ambassadors From Mozambique Spain Present Credentials to Seychelles' President
  15. Mozambique Can Learn From Other African Countries About Hosting IDPs
  16. Mob Attacks Police Station for Alleged Release of Murderer in Moatize
  17. Constitutional Council Overules National Elections Commission
  18. Mozambique to Gather Experience From East Timor
  19. 96 Sernic Arrests Two for Attempting to Kidnap Minors in Chimoio
  20. Hidden Debts - Those Responsible Will Face Justice, Pledges PGR
  21. SAMIN Formally Withdraws From Cabo Delgado
  22. Government Withdraws Mining Licenses in Cabo Delgado
  23. Mozambique and Tanzania to Introduce Coastal Shipping Services
  24. Authorities Concerned At Child Marriage in Cabo Delgado
  25. AfDB to Disburse 33 Million Dollars to Support Poultry Sector
  26. Samia, Nyusi Root for Growth
  27. Tanzanian Forces Crucial to Stopping Terrorists, Says Nyusi
  28. Unlocking Opportunities for Millions in Mozambique With Free IDs
  29. Tanzania Among Top Investors in Mozambique
  30. Government Concerned At Illegal Mining in Cabo Delgado