Wednesday, July 17, 2024
10:23 PM

  1. Kouara high school in Niamey welcomes the official launch of the Bac Session 2024 exams in Niger
  2. Tabaski Festival 2024 in Niger: the President of the CNSP takes part in collective prayer at the Great Mosque of Niamey
  3. Installation of a Technical Committee responsible for monitoring the process of the Dosso refinery construction project in Niger
  4. Two new ambassadors present figurative copies of their letters of credence to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Niger.
  5. Departure of the 1st Charter flight of pilgrims from Niger for the 2024 Hajj.
  6. Death of the Iranian President: The President of the CNSP of Niger presents his condolences to the Iranian Government and people
  7. Beninese authorities are violating agreements regarding the export of crude oil from Niger.
  8. BEP and CAP 2024 in Niger: 15,675 candidates face the physical and sporting tests
  9. China and Niger
  10. Niger: 105 delegated administrators appointed at the head of municipalities and municipal councils