Wednesday, March 22, 2023
9:47 PM

North Korea
  1. Tanchon woman rebuked by city party committee after asking for help to feed children
  2. CIA World Factbook: North Korean men must serve up to 10 years in military
  3. S. Hwanghae Province dispatches officials to provide guidance ahead of planting season
  4. Daily NK acquires full text of the anti-reactionary thought law
  5. N. Korea orders men to show affection to their wives to celebrate International Women’s Day
  6. Three Revolutions Team member arrested for spreading “reactionary thought and culture”
  7. N. Korea cracks down on users of falsely-registered cell phones
  8. N. Korea prepares for special pardon of reeducation camp inmates on September 9
  9. Some of N. Korea’s military officers fail to receive enough food rations
  10. Daily NK Snapshots from North Korea – Week of March 6, 2023