Wednesday, July 17, 2024
10:40 PM

  1. Norway’s new Nordic role in NATO
  2. Norway, NATO ‘shocked’ by shots fired at Trump
  3. Norway vows more support to Ukraine
  4. Huge balloon floated in from Sweden
  5. Suspected spy won’t answer questions
  6. Norwegian prices keep rising, but not as much
  7. State reopens some salmon rivers
  8. Man attacked Royal Palace in Oslo
  9. Farmer tries to scare off tourists
  10. State helps secure Trollstigen
  11. Alleged spy’s arrest sets off alarms
  12. Oslo court’s terror verdict ‘historic’
  13. Baneheia killer appeals new conviction
  14. Thor Heyerdahl ‘back home’ in Norway
  15. State funeral rules tightened
  16. Cruiseship tour guides fined for disturbing polar bears on Svalbard
  17. Two killed in ultralight plane crash
  18. Security high during Oslo Pride
  19. Mixed reaction to Assange’s release
  20. Wild salmon fishing ban hits hard