Monday, February 26, 2024
7:39 AM

  1. Norway joins defense forces in Red Sea
  2. Norway went along with latest climate compromise
  3. Norway keen to end the war in Gaza
  4. Spy suspect admits to being Russian
  5. UN majority joined Norway’s cease-fire call
  6. Norway sending more air defense systems to Ukraine
  7. Interest rates boosted again
  8. Zelensky finds friends and funds in Oslo
  9. Security scandal shakes Norway
  10. Norway and UK help rebuild Ukraine’s Navy
  11. Norway renews rainforest support in the Amazon
  12. SV wants to reimpose inheritance tax
  13. Norway celebrates Fosse’s Nobel
  14. New empty chair at Peace Prize ceremony shames Iran
  15. Football Cup attracted few fans
  16. Housing prices stayed surprisingly high
  17. Bankruptcies decline before the holidays
  18. Plastic bag sales fall by 40 percent
  19. Tengs murder mystery remains unsolved
  20. Unicef scolds Norway over child poverty