Wednesday, March 22, 2023
10:38 PM

  1. No Country for the Poor: A Palestinian Family’s Tragic Journey from Gaza to Hatay
  2. ‘Israel is (Not) Back to Africa’: How African Countries are Challenging Israeli Plot on the Continent
  3. Jordan’s Parliament Votes to Expel Israeli Ambassador over Smotrich Expansionist Map
  4. Lion’s Den to Expand Confrontation in Support of Palestinian Prisoners
  5. Israeli Forces Raid Major Cities in West Bank, Arrest 26 Palestinians (VIDEOS)
  6. Ukraine Summons Israeli Ambassador in Kyiv
  7. Gaza Greets Ramadan with Hope and Festivities (PHOTOS)
  8. Algeria’s Gas vs. Rightwing Ideology: Will Italy Change Its Position on Jerusalem?
  9. On the ICC, Putin, Netanyahu and Prosecutorial Discretion
  10. UK, Israel to Sign Multimillion Agreement despite Violence against Palestinians