Wednesday, July 17, 2024
11:45 PM

  1. Key takeaways from Peru’s President Dina Boluarte’s China visit 
  2. Peru’s President Dina Boluarte’s rocky relationship with the press
  3. Poverty affects 29% of Peruvians: What is behind the alarming increase and how to address it
  4. Peruvian startup Artificio looks to Lima’s horrible traffic to solve one of autonomous driving’s toughest challenges
  5. Why Peru President Dina Boluarte’s Brother was in Jail for 9 days
  6. Former Peruvian Presidents Castillo, Fujimori both request lifetime pensions of $4,000 per month
  7. Former President Alberto Fujimori underwent surgery for a tumor on his tongue: Does he still have a political future after his release? 
  8. Activist Ana Estrada becomes first person to undergo euthanasia in Peru
  9. Alleged illegal miners dynamite transmission towers at Peru’s La Poderosa mine
  10. Criminal investigations and impeachment motions: Peru’s latest political crisis is unfolding 
  11. Expensive watchdogs: Peru’s Public Ministry investigates President Dina Boluarte’s Rolex
  12. Human Rights Watch condemns Congress’ decision to oust members of Peru’s National Board of Justice
  13. Peru’s Congress approves return to bicameralism after 30 years 
  14. Vladimiro Montesinos sentenced to prison for 1992 massacre in Peru 
  15. Tourism reopens around Machu Picchu following massive strike