Wednesday, March 22, 2023
11:20 PM

  1. Russian TV channel unveils AI weather girl
  2. Moscow’s missile defenses beefed up
  3. UK’s depleted uranium plan threatens all of Europe – Moscow
  4. Crimean naval base attacked by drones – governor
  5. West wants Ukraine to be destroyed – Moscow
  6. US won't let Ukraine even consider peace talks – Moscow
  7. Putin warns UK against supplying depleted uranium to Ukraine
  8. Putin lauds Chinese peace roadmap for Ukraine
  9. Ukraine planning major attack on new Russian territories – Bild
  10. Police injured breaking up cat and dog fight
  11. Xi invites Putin to visit China
  12. Ukraine afraid to criticize China – Politico
  13. Russian influencer accused of $1.5 million tax evasion
  14. Ukrainian drone attack repelled in Crimea
  15. US glosses over Ukrainian abuses in human rights report
  16. Vegan 'guru' charged after baby dies from suspected malnutrition
  17. Left-wing party calls for restoration of death penalty in Russia
  18. Middle Eastern football union comes out in support of Russia
  19. Putin-Xi meeting kicks off in Moscow
  20. Kremlin ‘unfazed’ by Putin arrest warrant
  21. Moscow opens criminal case over Putin warrant
  22. Putin’s staff to ditch iPhones – Kommersant
  23. Xi Jinping arrives in Moscow
  24. Putin arrest warrant shows international law is collapsing – Medvedev
  25. Russia-China ties have no limits – Putin
  26. Putin’s trip to Donbass was ‘spontaneous’ – Kremlin
  27. Russia reacts to German stance on Putin arrest warrant
  28. Putin holds meeting with top generals
  29. Putin makes surprise visit to Donbass
  30. Russia rescued Crimea from Ukrainian poverty – local leader
  31. Chechen leader puts bounty on Koran burners
  32. Russia responds to Danish Nord Stream probe refusal
  33. Ukrainian troops using 19th-сentury arms to defend key city – Telegraph
  34. Putin visits Crimea for reunification anniversary
  35. Putin signs stricter law on slandering fighters
  36. US ‘schizophrenic’ on Criminal Court – Russia
  37. Russia issues ultimatum on grain deal
  38. Poland to station HIMARS near Russian border
  39. You have no power here: What the ICC arrest warrant means for Putin
  40. Kiev issues warning to countries that don’t support Ukraine
  41. Kremlin dismisses ‘outrageous’ ICC claims
  42. ICC issues arrest warrant for Putin
  43. NGOs are weapons in ‘hybrid war’ – ex-Russian president
  44. NATO states using Ukraine to dispose of old weapons – Kremlin
  45. Attempts to isolate Moscow have failed – top Russian lawmaker
  46. Russian pilots to be awarded after US drone incident
  47. Date for Xi Jinping visit to Russia revealed
  48. Ukraine skeptical about NATO state's fighter jets
  49. West warns Ukraine not to blow ‘last ditch effort’ – NYT
  50. Russia slams Denmark over Nord Stream ‘fraud’
  51. Syria wants more Russian troops
  52. Russia unveils latest anti-drone system
  53. US blackmailing ‘neutral’ European state – Moscow
  54. Fire engulfs security service building in major Russian city
  55. Pentagon releases video of doomed drone chased by Russian jet
  56. ‘Serious military developments’ coming in Ukraine conflict – envoy
  57. Syria reveals its stance on new Russian territories
  58. US senator wants 'nuclear war' – Moscow
  59. Wagner Group takes out ads on Pornhub
  60. The Galician genocide: How Russian identity was wiped out in what is now Western Ukraine
  61. Ukraine wants to legalize controversial hacker brigade
  62. Explosive devices found at Russian pipeline – Transneft
  63. Drone incident confirms US involvement in Ukraine conflict – Russia
  64. Zelensky vows to reinforce key Donbass city
  65. Facebook blocks RT Arabic
  66. Poland announces timeline for transfer of fighter jets to Ukraine
  67. Pope Francis weighs in on religious crackdown in Ukraine
  68. Two people infected with Anthrax in Russia
  69. Seymour Hersh warns of potential US plan B in Ukraine
  70. Ukraine holding Religious freedom hostage – Moscow
  71. Russia blasts Canada over ‘regime change’
  72. US drones have no business near Russia – ambassador
  73. What is known about the Black Sea drone incident
  74. Russia comments on US drone crash in Black Sea
  75. Russia is fighting for its very existence – Putin
  76. Washington accuses Moscow of downing drone
  77. Action movie icon says he’s ‘million percent’ Russian
  78. Armenia fears withdrawal of Russian-led alliance – PM
  79. Zelensky makes call on key Donbass city
  80. Russia to expand fake news laws
  81. The West thought it would destroy Russia's economy with 'sanctions from hell,' here's why the plan failed
  82. West setting Asia up for years of conflict – Russia
  83. Top general illustrates how US helps Kiev's air force
  84. Ukraine grain deal renewed – Moscow
  85. Doubts in Ukraine about readiness for new offensive – WaPo
  86. Russia shares Nord Stream communications with UN – top diplomat
  87. Zelensky backs expulsion of Christian monks
  88. Russia agrees to extend Ukraine grain deal
  89. Xi Jinping to speak with Zelensky – WSJ
  90. Russian conscription age to change
  91. Kremlin laughs off Ukrainian proposal to rename Russia
  92. No grounds for new Ukraine peace plan – Kremlin
  93. Xi Jinping to visit Moscow – Reuters
  94. Germany is not a sovereign nation – Moscow
  95. Russia launches new communications satellite
  96. Moscow admits it ‘doesn’t know’ who attacked Nord Stream
  97. Rockets shot down over Russian city – governor
  98. Georgian PM accuses Ukraine of stirring unrest
  99. Ukrainians give neo-Nazi facelift to signpost in Antarctica
  100. US returns ancient weapons to Ukraine