Wednesday, July 17, 2024
11:39 PM

  1. Ukraine introduces earlier sunsets to spite Russia
  2. The general and the warmonger: Why Ukraine’s commander-in-chief met a notorious French proxy-war philosopher
  3. Muslim federation lashes out at imam who advocated wife beating
  4. Most Ukrainians ‘don’t feel European’ – poll
  5. Ukrainian neo-Nazi mocks Auschwitz victims
  6. Most teachers in Baltic state fail language test after crackdown on Russian – media
  7. Moscow and Kiev conduct new POW exchange (VIDEO)
  8. EU’s rebuke of Orban’s peace mission speaks for itself – Kremlin
  9. Ukrainian neo-Nazis planning European PR tour
  10. Russia-NATO war ‘extremely close’ – Polish president
  11. WATCH Russian soldier shoot down large Ukrainian drone
  12. Bounty offered for first F-16 downed in Ukraine conflict
  13. Russia responds to Trump ally’s Ukraine proposal
  14. ‘Root causes’ of Ukraine conflict should be eliminated – Lavrov
  15. Ukraine lying about wanting peace talks – Moscow
  16. Russian army chief pays surprise visit to frontline HQ (VIDEO)
  17. Ukrainian MP named on state-backed ‘kill list’
  18. Kremlin reacts to Ukrainian neo-Nazis executing Russian soldier
  19. ‘No mercy’ for Ukrainian neo-Nazi POW murderers – ex-Russian president
  20. Kremlin responds to Zelensky’s new ‘peace summit’ proposal
  21. Zelensky ‘not afraid’ of Trump presidency
  22. Poll suggests growing number of Ukrainians want peace talks
  23. Children increasingly rejecting Ukrainian language – state data
  24. Zelensky party MP claims top general wants Ukraine to surrender
  25. Siberian zoo births eight tiger cubs in one day (VIDEO)
  26. Russia and China launch joint military drills
  27. Russian military liberates another Donbass village
  28. Zelensky ‘increasingly paranoid’ – Reuters
  29. Kremlin addresses Trump assassination attempt
  30. ‘Ukrainian troops have withdrawn’ – KGB
  31. Russian broadcasters to boycott Paris Olympics — media
  32. Kremlin responds to Ukraine’s threats to assassinate Putin
  33. European cities prime targets for Russian missiles – Moscow
  34. Russian forces strike Ukrainian explosives plant
  35. West close to allowing strikes deep inside Russia – Zelensky aide
  36. Strikes on Kiev’s industry, hunt for anti-air systems and new Donbass gains: The past week in the Ukrainian conflict (VIDEOS)
  37. ‘Miracle in the East’: New WWII history book hits the shelves
  38. Civilian airliner crashes outside Moscow (VIDEO)
  39. UN shown ‘drone evidence’ of Ukrainian attack on Europe’s largest nuclear plant
  40. Russia accuses EU mission of spying in ex-Soviet country
  41. Ukrainian children still speaking Russian – regulator
  42. Zelensky slams ‘crazy’ limits on Russia strikes
  43. Russian army recruiting 1,000 men a day – MOD
  44. Ukrainian drone strike hits children – Russian region governor
  45. EU state jails citizen for supporting Russia
  46. They bombed us on purpose – Donbass refugee tells RT (VIDEO)
  47. West looking for Zelensky replacement – Russian intel
  48. Kremlin outlines criteria for new Ukraine peace summit
  49. FSB claims to have foiled terrorist attack on church
  50. BRICS could establish its own parliament – Putin 
  51. Russia considering changes to nuclear doctrine – Kremlin
  52. Russia vows ‘military response’ to US missile deployment plans 
  53. Kiev reveals plans for Russia’s money
  54. France planned to send 2,000 troops to Ukraine – Russian intel
  55. US plan to deploy missiles in Germany a ‘direct threat’ – Moscow
  56. Either NATO or Ukraine must go – Medvedev
  57. Dutch-based Moscow Times declared ‘undesirable’ in Russia
  58. Russia won’t attend Western-organized Ukraine ‘peace summit’ – diplomat
  59. Peace talks will begin when Ukraine ‘gets real’ – Moscow
  60. Kremlin accuses WaPo of ‘Russophobic hysteria’
  61. Zelensky could fire Ukrainian PM – media
  62. Ukrainian doctors offering leg-breaking services – media
  63. High-tech Western weapons ‘useless’ in Ukraine conflict – WSJ
  64. Kremlin hits out at ‘irresponsible’ new British PM
  65. Ukraine timing tragedies to coincide with important international events – Kremlin
  66. Ukrainian plot to sabotage Russia’s sole aircraft carrier foiled – FSB
  67. ‘Russia will not prevail’ – Biden to NATO
  68. Kiev can ‘never’ get enough weapons – Zelensky
  69. West doesn’t want to listen – Kremlin
  70. WATCH Russian military inspect Ukrainian ‘chemical weapons lab’
  71. Moscow court issues arrest warrant for Navalny’s widow
  72. Russia’s UN ambassador responds to Ukraine hospital attack accusations
  73. Ukrainian forces depleted – NYT
  74. Ukrainian city mayor defends Russian monuments
  75. Eight months, more than 18 million people, 15,000 events: How the Russia EXPO unfolded
  76. Zelensky blasts Modi’s Moscow visit
  77. Kremlin reveals position on NATO summit
  78. US wants regime change in Georgia – Russian intel
  79. Kremlin responds to Kiev hospital attack allegations
  80. EU suspends accession process for ex-Soviet republic
  81. Russian troops are storming New York. Are you confused? Well, read this
  82. Ukrainian troops showered with bomblets in Iskander missile strike (VIDEO)
  83. NATO will use Kiev hospital tragedy to escalate conflict – Moscow
  84. Russian playwright and director sentenced to six years for ‘justifying terrorism’
  85. Ukraine violated Chemical Weapons Convention – Russian MOD
  86. Orban cannot ‘end this war’ – Zelensky
  87. Russia EXPO closes with grand ceremony (VIDEO)
  88. Russia takes out three US-made Ukrainian missile systems (VIDEO)
  89. NATO threatening global peace and stability – China
  90. ‘Untrue’: Russia slams Ukrainian claim of attack on civilian targets
  91. EU state testing bunker designs
  92. WATCH Russian soldier demolish building housing Ukrainian troops
  93. Ukrainian attempt to hijack Russian strategic bomber thwarted – FSB
  94. Russian military challenges Kiev’s claims about airfield strike
  95. A nation in pain: How political idealism destroyed Ukraine
  96. Ukrainian soldiers swim across Dnieper River to surrender to Russia (VIDEO)
  97. BRICS to launch independent financial system – Moscow
  98. Ukraine asks West for submarines
  99. Moscow reacts to reports of western mercenary war crimes in Ukraine
  100. Winner named in beauty pageant at Russia EXPO