Wednesday, July 17, 2024
10:37 PM

  1. Li ci Serie Yi: "BÉTÉ - BÉTÉ - Season 1 - Episode 47 - Decryption"
  2. Pape Alé Niang on the 45 Ofnac reports: “They must go for investigation” 
  3. Niger: Flood toll rises to 53 deaths and 18,000 claims
  4. Aminata Touré: “This is the only mistake that Bassirou Diomaye and Sonko made…” (Video)
  5. International drug trafficking: a French woman arrested at the AIBD
  6. Drama in Paris a few days before the Olympic Games: A car hits a restaurant terrace, one dead and several injured
  7. Two months without water, the inhabitants of the village of Mouye cry out their thirst
  8. Irregular immigration: Two Senegalese, including a 2-year-old girl, die a few hours after their arrival in Spain
  9. Obituary: Singer Mia Guissé announces very bad news this Wednesday (photo)
  10. Press release from executives of Gueum Sa Bopp “the jambaars”
  11. Sindia: The call of the twin Caliphs to young people
  12. People: Supposed marriage of Dj Kheucha, the host reveals the whole truth
  13. Nonce Paolini, the former boss of TF1, is dead
  14. Obituary: The Rfm in mourning (Photo)
  15. Disbursement of several hundred million dollars: Dakar suspended from the IMF Board of Directors
  16. COVID Fund - Aminata Touré's salty response to Mansour Faye: "I advise him to bring..."
  17. “He will be financially independent”: Ousmane Sonko’s new promises
  18. Enzo Fernandez affair: Nicolas Jackson gives in to pressure and backtracks
  19. The alleged murderer of Awa Cissé sent to prison
  20. Kolda: Acts of incivism on the Hilele bridge, residents alert the authorities (video)
  21. Last minute: The Senegalese political scene in mourning, Senegal learns the bad news (photo)
  22. From Ivorian soil, Germany announces that it is letting go of Niger!
  23. LGI Mbao: Constable Salif Seydi loses his life in a traffic accident
  24. A young neo-Nazi in police custody for planning violent acts during the Olympic Games (OG)
  25. LIVE: Aminata Touré speaks and judges the situation in the country with Diomaye
  26. Professor Abdoulaye Bathily Appointed Special Envoy of the Head of State (Here is the decree)
  27. Investigation at “Ciments du Sahel”: At the heart of a company maintained, for 22 years, by employees without a contract
  28. Obituary: Senegal wakes up to the terrible news, Djiby Gueye has gone
  29. Died in 2007, Abbé Pierre accused of sexual assault by several women
  30. Last minute: Surprise in Spain, Real Madrid announces another big signing (photos)