Wednesday, July 17, 2024
10:37 PM

  1. Susko received another letter from Brussels. Even the latest changes in the Criminal Code are not reported to the Commission
  2. The biggest aces prevailed. Weiss impressed with his clothes and put on a 16-year-old talent
  3. The pressure on Biden is growing. He is willing to reconsider the candidacy only in one case
  4. For years, people have been driving along the unapproved bypass of Bratislava. It is time-consuming, complains the builder
  5. America had information about the assassination of Trump earlier. She was waiting for him from another side
  6. Copenhagen gives tourists free coffee or lunch. However, it has a condition
  7. Two young Ferraris destroyed England. As children of migrants, they equipped Spain with gold
  8. Municipalities do not need parliamentary quotas, but money (commentary)
  9. They work without air conditioning in a tin hall where it is 37 degrees. They only open the doors in the morning and evening
  10. Smer remained on the sidelines along with Milan Mazurek
  11. I wanted to test my legs, he said with a smile. Pogačar almost caught Vinegaard off guard
  12. Do we want a thousand euro minimum wage? (written by Miroslav Beblavý)
  13. Large hail and strong wind. Zvolen was hit by a strong storm with torrential rain
  14. Not just an onslaught of injured people. The ceiling also fell in the Trenčín hospital during Pohoda
  15. Independent theater cannot be imagined without it. Blaho Uhlár died
  16. Insurance companies are dealing with more and more hail damage. What to do if your car has been destroyed?
  17. SME Minuta: Russia and Ukraine exchanged a total of 190 prisoners of war
  18. What happens when we cancel the two month vacation
  19. She couldn't have wished for a better ending. Scenes are changing and new challenges await Jamrichová
  20. Will Dolinková face Kotlár? He looks again at the rejected WHO regulations
  21. Later, more expensive, but still worth it. The new feeder was tested by cyclists and skaters
  22. Slower throughout the city, only a few to the center. Košice wants to be a 15-minute city
  23. Nitre recorder does not fit. I'm not angry, he says about moving to a rival
  24. There was no one to defend the Ukrainian mother and four-year-old boy
  25. MEP Wiezik: Taraba could trade bears in Brussels
  26. Paramedic: Children are more vulnerable than adults in a hot car, time is of the essence