Wednesday, March 22, 2023
11:14 PM

  1. News roundup - Wednesday, 22 March
  2. Progress made in compliance with GRECO's 15 recommendations
  3. Three Slovenians suspected of money laundering in Croatia
  4. Mesec and Papič discuss staff shortages and foreign labour
  5. Pirc Musar tells UN Water Conference that water is life and peace
  6. Top court declares reactivation of retired judges unconstitutional
  7. Slovenian and Serbian defence ministers discuss security in W Balkans
  8. Doctors' trade union Fides to resume strike on 2 April
  9. Opposition takes issue over administrative unit restructuring
  10. SBI TOP gains 0.7%
  11. Construction of sustainable Vilharia symbolically launched
  12. Clug powerless as Bolshoi picks his piece in place of Serebrennikov's
  13. Schedule of events for Thursday, 23 March
  14. MPs appointed in inquiry into alleged political influence on police
  15. News roundup - Wednesday, 22 March, until 3pm
  16. MPs pass bill to prevent exploitation of posted workers
  17. Ombudsman presents activities in support of refugees as he meets Ukrainian ambassador
  18. Weather: Sunny and warm
  19. Digital inclusion act changed to better target vulnerable groups
  20. Parliament agrees primary school education sufficient to join Armed Forces
  21. MPs pass Armed Force resolution speeding up increase in spending
  22. Intesa Sanpaolo Bank profit down to EUR 16.4m in 2022
  23. Agency for Research and Innovation in Science to be set up
  24. Extension of caps on electricity and gas prices expected soon
  25. MPs override veto on reintroduction of compulsory receipts
  26. Old country inns brought to life
  27. Average pay slightly down in January
  28. EU ministers welcome war crimes conference planned by Slovenia
  29. Greens report Ljubljana sewerage project to police and prosecution
  30. Brežan says Slovenia a credible international partner on water
  31. Daily headlines - Wednesday, 22 March
  32. National team start EURO 2024 qualifiers with high hopes
  33. Weather: Temps to exceed 20C
  34. Finance calls on banks to raise interest rates on deposits
  35. Dnevnik says scholarships system for talented students broken
  36. Večer says planned changes to police appointments ill-advised
  37. Slovenia to further commit to sustainable water protection at UN conference
  38. Schedule of events for Wednesday, 22 March
  39. News from Slovenia
  40. News roundup - Tuesday, 21 March
  41. Raids in Bosnia and Slovenia on suspicion of money laundering
  42. Unofficial: Labour inspectors detect several infringements at public broadcaster
  43. Slovenia and US sign new nuclear safety accord
  44. Slovenians say yes to pension reform, no to raising retirement age
  45. Rockers of all ages expected at Orto Bar through April
  46. Status of state attorneys deemed unsuitable, debate hears
  47. Slovenia remains at tail end in NATO in defence spending
  48. SBI TOP up 0.56%
  49. GZS against potential rise in pension contributions for employers
  50. Drive-in local food market coming to Izola
  51. Schedule of events for Wednesday, 22 March
  52. News roundup - Tuesday, 21 March, until 3pm
  53. Kočevje ends on-demand shared transportation project due to excessive costs
  54. Church to host religious dignitaries from Balkans in June
  55. Foreign Ministry calls for elimination of hate speech
  56. Over 80% of Slovenian mothers with three or more kids work
  57. Weather: Temps to exceed 20C
  58. Author of giant hill in Planica dies aged 89
  59. Ukraine war cementing China's superpower status, Dnevnik says
  60. Daily headlines - Tuesday, 21 March
  61. Weather: Mostly sunny
  62. Večer cautions about next financial crisis
  63. Schedule of events for Tuesday, 21 March
  64. News from Slovenia