Wednesday, March 22, 2023
10:55 PM

South Sudan
  1. The Steelers’ Kenny Pickett will be the fifth-best QB in this year’s draft class, says ESPN’s Mel Kepper Jr.
  2. Epic will return 40 percent of net Fortnite revenue to creators
  3. Boris Johnson clashes with MPs over Partigit denials
  4. Badgers are taking off in the Netherlands and wreaking havoc on rail traffic
  5. GameStop stock is up nearly 50% thanks to a surprise quarterly earnings and higher sales
  6. Gwyneth Paltrow Experience Firsthand: Ski Crash Video Disappeared, the Star May Testify Today
  7. 2023 Abel Prize in Mathematics honors Louis Caffarelli
  8. 4 remaining free agents for the Detroit Lions to consider
  9. EA shuts down servers for the Xbox 360 title Syndicate in June
  10. 5 things to know on March 22: Trump, the economy, Covid-19, the earthquake, Ukraine