Wednesday, March 22, 2023
10:31 PM

  1. Lavrov: Supplying Ukraine with depleted uranium is escalatory step
  2. Austrian Foreign Minister: Russia will always play a role in European future
  3. Babakov: The West offered the Syrians nothing but conspiracies
  4. Syria reiterates its support for Palestine , Jordan’s sovereignty, territorial integrity
  5. President al-Assad issues Law No. 2 amending some provisions of Investment Law No. 18
  6. Ministry of Transport: All flights diverted from Aleppo Airport to Damascus and Lattakia airports
  7. Arnous, AAAID Chairman discuss prospects for future cooperation
  8. Two persons martyred in a landmine blast in Hama countryside
  9. Israeli aggression targets Aleppo International Airport
  10. Black Sea Fleet repels drone attack on Sevastopol, says governor