Wednesday, March 22, 2023
10:28 PM

  1. "Vam tako nuzhni izvineniya?": za chto dushanbintsy rugayut locale taxi?
  2. The way to victory. TAJMMAF is definitely the best
  3. The average salary in Tajikistan decreased by almost 13%
  4. The children's music school was named after Damirbek Olimov
  5. Negotiations between Putin and Xi Jinping: the Chinese "peace plan" has not become concrete
  6. The CEC of Kazakhstan announced the victory of the Amanat party in the parliamentary elections
  7. The President congratulated the Tajiks on the arrival of the holy month of Ramadan
  8. How is the history of Navruz connected with the Peshdadid dynasty king - Jamshedom
  9. Detailed calendar of this year's holy month of Ramadan
  10. In Dushanbe, more than a thousand knives, knuckle dusters and handles were destroyed
  11. "No border, everything is calm". I hear that the border service of Kyrgyzstan is asking citizens not to give
  12. Emomali Rahman congratulated Tajikistansev with the beginning of the month of Ramazan
  13. The head of the Ministry of Transport of Tajikistan is concerned about the behavior of people in public transport
  14. Due to the loss of glaciers, Tajikistan is focusing on the development of solar and wind energy
  15. Abdusattor Pirmuhammadzoda complained about the unbearable conditions of detention
  16. Russia increased export of lumber to Tajikistan
  17. And the honor of whom is the name of the city and district of Tajikistan?
  18. The network announced the collection of aid for the children of Tajik soldiers who died in the USA
  19. In Moscow, the arrested Interpol leader was arrested from Tajikistan
  20. Loss of life and destruction in Pakistan and Afghanistan due to the earthquake
  21. The Investigative Committee of Russia filed a case against the judges of the International Criminal Court in The Hague
  22. The Japanese government provided hot food to 68,000 children and their families in Tajikistan
  23. In Dushanbe, more than 1,000 teenagers were killed with knives, castets and bits
  24. Tajikistan will develop solar and wind energy due to the loss of glaciers
  25. Emomali Rahmon presented Tajikistan's gift to the UN
  26. Detailed calendar for the upcoming month of Ramadan
  27. In the network announced the collection for children who finished in the USA, MMA fighters from Tajikistan
  28. The Japanese government supported 68 thousand children and their families in Tajikistan
  29. Emomali Rahmon was presented by the United Nations as a gift from Tajikistan
  30. In Pakistan and Afghanistan there are deaths and destruction as a result of the earthquake
  31. Hello, Tajikistan! Announcement of events, day and history, weather forecast for 22 March 2023
  32. New Year ritual in Tajikistan
  33. Did Omar Khayyam say it or not? (TEST)
  34. The first official Nowruz celebration in Dushanbe
  35. Happy Navruz, dear Tajiks!
  36. One week of the world: Xi Jinping came to Moscow with a peace plan and what is the danger of pan-Turkism to Tajikistan?