Wednesday, July 17, 2024
10:46 PM

  1. In Vose, two children died from poisoning. Five more were hospitalized
  2. Artificial intelligence instead of investment. The Emirate of Ras al-Khaimah imports AI solutions from Tajikistan
  3. When parents start worrying if the child does not speak?
  4. Hydroelectric power station of Tajikistan with limited energy production
  5. Teachers are leaving their jobs in Tajikistan. The reason for the adoption of the law on education and upbringing of children?
  6. Trade gap between Tajikistan's imports and exports widens nearly 3.5 times
  7. In Tajikistan, up to 40 violations of land legislation are detected daily
  8. Iran said it was not involved in the assassination of Donald Trump
  9. US accuses Iran of plotting to assassinate Trump, Iran denies these allegations
  10. In Russia, a bill is being prepared, according to which banks will block the accounts of all those suspected of "political hatred".
  11. Three Tajik babies left in Russia without care returned to their homeland
  12. He killed a Tajik and went to prison and fell into the "claws" of Prigozhin. 5 years in prison for a "warrior" of "Wagner" in Uzbekistan
  13. The European Union allocates US$141 million to Tajikistan for the development of its economy's priority sectors
  14. CNN: US authorities received information that Iran planned to kill Trump. Iran called the accusations "unfounded and malicious"
  15. In Tajikistan, there are three children who were left homeless in Russia
  16. Construction of 138 schools and additional buildings by the beginning of the academic year. But this is still rare
  17. The Tajik football player moved from the Superliga of Uzbekistan to the top league of Tajikistan
  18. Safe City project expected to be launched in Khatlon's capital, Bokhtar, soon
  19. They kidnapped a young man in Dushanbe and demanded 30 thousand somoni for his release
  20. 138 new schools and buildings were put into operation in Tajikistan for the new school year. But more is needed
  21. The gap between imports and exports of Tajikistan has increased almost 3.5 times
  22. The European Union provides 141 million dollars to the development of priority industries of Tajikistan
  23. Teachers in Tajikistan are fired from schools. Because of the law on child education
  24. "Safe city" in Bokhtar. It will also have the ability to identify criminals
  25. In Dushanbe, a poor man kept his boyfriend in the basement. He wanted to get 30,000 somoni for his release
  26. Ethnic Tajik journalist arrested in Uzbekistan over posting song online
  27. In Khatlone, the "Safe City" system works
  28. Chairman of the court in Shamsiddin-Shohin district suspected of beating border guard who was on duty
  29. "Audiobook" with Subhan Jalilov. Spiritual masnavi. The story "Arab's gift for the king"
  30. Some ministries and agencies delay payments for railway services, says the transport ministry
  31. The European Union received $141 million from Tajikistan, not priority areas of the economy
  32. "To request an identity document". The chairman of the court Sh. Shahin is suspected of beating a soldier of the Border Guard
  33. Chairman of the district court Sh. Shahin is suspected of beating a border guard
  34. Tajikistan and the European Union discuss cooperation
  35. The most powerful flare occurred in the summer of 2024
  36. A promise of 100,000 somoni to assist in the arrest of a suspect in the stabbing of a hired driver in Dushanbe
  37. In Yekaterinburg, a Tajik man was arrested for the murder of his ex-wife
  38. Tajikistan and the European Union discussed the current state and further development of relations
  39. 100,000 somoni are promised by the police to help trace a person who was missing in Dushanbe
  40. Hello, Tajikistan! Announcement of events, day and history, weather forecast for July 17, 2024
  41. The introduction of a speed limit of 30 km/h in cities makes it much safer and cleaner
  42. Why is the serpentine snake in Tajikistan?
  43. Emomali Rahmon inaugurates a number of social and economic facilities in Dushanbe
  44. A new fish restaurant opened in Dushanbe
  45. Why does the organized recruitment of migrant workers not work?
  46. Ministry of Transport: Ministries and enterprises of Tajikistan are delaying payments for railway services
  47. Complaints of the employees of the Land and Irrigation Agency about low wages
  48. Irrigators in Tajikistan complain about delayed payments and low salaries
  49. Ministry of Labor of Tajikistan: "Do not believe in fake news about the payment of money to former employees of the ministry"
  50. Tajik saffron - a new national product brand
  51. I followed Mirzosaurus and Regarosaurus. Who inhabited the territory of western Tajikistan a million years ago?
  52. From the company "Gayur Group" to "Nonpaz". What new facilities did Emomali Rahmon and Rustam Emomali open?
  53. Central Asian nations need to rethink water management policies
  54. Migrants from Tajikistan and Uzbekistan arrived in Moscow
  55. Irrigators of Tajikistan complain about late payment of services and low salary
  56. "Audiobook" with Subhan Jalilov. Spiritual masnavi. The story "Speech of the stone"
  57. China supports the construction of a railway in the Sughd region
  58. Warning: Residents of Central Asia do not use water wisely
  59. A resident of Dushanbe will be fined for his daughter's grand wedding
  60. A plane that does not take off. Why does the organization of labor migrants not work?
  61. Tajik saffron is a new brand of domestic production
  62. 2500 somoni state allowance. The Ministry of Labor said it is a lie, don't believe it
  63. A resident of Dushanbe was fined for stealing money from his daughter. She is the daughter of Suraye Kasymova
  64. China denies building a military base in Tajikistan
  65. The head of the European Commission canceled his visit to Budapest "due to the Hungarian presidency"
  66. In Dushanbe, the "Nonpaz" factory for the production of bread and confectionery products was put into operation
  67. China to build a 500MW solar power plant and solar panel manufacturing plant in Tajikistan
  68. Azam Gafforov will be replaced by another Tajik fighter in the competition for 1 million dollars.
  69. Vodokhleb: the residents of Central Asia have no tail
  70. "Bahmanyar is a literary phenomenon". Celebration of the 70th anniversary of Sarmaddeh in Dushanbe
  71. Russia plans to establish a center for gifted children in Tajikistan
  72. In Dushanbe, the bakery was modernized. Now it's called "The Baker"
  73. Russia is establishing an educational center for gifted children in Tajikistan
  74. Biden agreed to a new debate with Trump
  75. China is building a 500 MW solar power plant in northern Tajikistan
  76. Azam Gafforov is fighting for 1 million dollars: he will be replaced by another Tajik fighter
  77. The road on A. Kakhorov Street in Dushanbe was closed and the direction of public transport was changed
  78. Due to the blocking of street A. The route of public transport has been changed in Kakhorova and Dushanbe
  79. Hello, Tajikistan! Announcement of events, day and history, weather forecast for July 16, 2024