Wednesday, July 17, 2024
11:12 PM

  1. Turkish parliament commission starts debating controversial stray animal bill in heated session
  2. Turkish authorities detain 33 for fatal electrical shock scandal in İzmir
  3. Can Tuğrul Türkeş explain 'the normal' to government?
  4. Turkish court annuls xenophobic marriage fee policy of Afyon municipality
  5. Turkish governorship allows probe into public officials for Feb. 6 quake deaths
  6. Defendants who attacked İmamoğlu with stones receive reduced sentences for ‘good behavior’
  7. Erdoğan’s discretionary fund increase by 205 pct in one year
  8. Turkish authorities seize 1.7 tonnes of drugs overnight
  9. AKP MP, Turkey’s CoE representative Türkeş says he’ll visit Kavala in prison
  10. 5 detained over İzmir fire that killed 3 people
  11. Yet again Turkey bans access to a website, this time to story-sharing platform Wattpad
  12. Students perform poorly in Turkey’s university entrance exam maths, science sections
  13. Turkish government budget deficit hits $23.6 billion in first half of 2024
  14. Turkey increases minimum pension to $377, still $200 below hunger threshold
  15. Assad says will only meet Erdoğan if focus on Turkey's military withdrawal from Syria
  16. Antalya police attack LGBTI+ Pride March, detain four
  17. Italian striker Immobile joins Turkish side Beşiktaş
  18. Some 17,343 quakes hit Turkey in first six months of 2024
  19. Turkey’s Erdoğan condemns assassination attempt on former US President Trump
  20. Diyarbakır hospitals impose de facto ban on abortion
  21. Turkey to end 'Claw-Lock' operation in northern Iraq soon, Erdoğan says
  22. Authorities issue 29 arrest warrants in İzmir over electrocution deaths during rainfall
  23. Former Justice Minister Bozdağ denies bribery allegations
  24. Daughter of former Turkish Red Crescent chief released pending trial after fatal accident
  25. Two die after being electrocuted in middle of street during rainfall in Turkey’s İzmir
  26. Turkey records hottest june in over half a century
  27. Association report details rights violations in central Turkey’s prisons
  28. Ruling AKP presents bill to remove stray dogs from streets, euthanize 'aggressive and sick'
  29. Beyoğlu Governor bans exhibit on history of Turkey’s trans movement
  30. Istanbulites discuss economic crisis at home, municipality survey shows
  31. Rising use of illegal online gambling sites in Turkey wreaks havoc on young people's lives
  32. Erdoğan calls on 'Mr.' Assad to start new process by 'overcoming resentment'
  33. DEM-led Van Municipality works to reinstate pro-women policies after trustee administration
  34. Domestic tourism market shrinks by 20 pct in Turkey’s hotspot Bodrum due to high prices
  35. Turkish court arrests LGBTI+ activist over tweets condemning racists attacks on Syrians
  36. Past-due loan cases rise by 66 pct in Turkey in one year
  37. Turkey’s western Muğla province sees 178 fires in 2024
  38. Turkish journo detained in Saudi Arabia over alleged Khashoggi remarks
  39. Women workers lay rugs in fields in Antalya, creating colorful scenes
  40. Erdoğan appoints former AKP mayor as Diyarbakır governor
  41. Turkish court issues stay of execution for revocation of radio channel's license
  42. Turkish gov't signals improvements only for pensions below 10,000 liras
  43. Court of Cassation upholds 8,658-year prison sentence for Islamic televangelist cult leader
  44. Turkish court sentences elevator company officials to prison over fatal accident in state dorm
  45. Former Health Director denies uninformed medical testing on Covid patients in Diyarbakır during pandemic
  46. Turkey looks abroad to employ sheep, cattle herders amid local shortage
  47. Police tear gasses union members protesting teaching profession bill
  48. Turkey’s three biggest labor confederations jointly call gov’t to raise minimum wage
  49. Turkey launches first domestic communication satellite into orbit
  50. 13-year-old Turkish chess Grandmaster Erdoğmuş beats Magnus Carlsen in blitz match