Wednesday, July 17, 2024
11:35 PM

  1. Meeting chaired by Maqbouli discusses transportation sector plan for year 1446 within national vision
  2. Vigil by Transport Ministry & its bodies in supporting revolutionary leadership’s choices in protecting Yemenis' interests
  3. Vigil in Harib District Marib empowering revolution leader & congratulations security achievement
  4. Discussing mechanism for technical team to descend from lands to match urban plans in Abs
  5. Discussing number of social issues in Amran
  6. Vigil for tax employees in Dhamar congratulating security achievement by uncovering spy cells
  7. Security Department in Amran commemorates Ashura
  8. Inauguration school bag distribution project for martyrs' children & missing persons in Raymah
  9. Conclusion course for clerks & secretaries in Amran & Sa'ada courts
  10. Maneuver & march for graduates of Al-Aqsa Flood courses in Al-Mansouriya District in Hodeida
  11. Inaugurating distribution school bags to martyrs' children in Al Mahwit
  12. Vigil for Tax Authority employees as empowering to revolution leader & congratulations on security achievement
  13. Inauguration school bag distribution project for martyrs' children in Al Dhale', Shabwa & Lahj
  14. SCMCHA meets representatives UN officials , international & local organizations in Hodeida, Hajjah & Al-Mahwit
  15. Women's Commission provides in-kind, financial convoy to fighters stationed at fronts in Hajjah
  16. Ministry of Civil Service employees organized vigil as mandate to Revolution leader, blessing for security achievement
  17. Foreign Ministry condemns targeting of military base in Pakistan
  18. Foreign Minister condoles Omani counterpart on shooting victims
  19. Mechanism of implementing rainwater harvesting basin project in Bani Al-Harith District discussed
  20. Al-Aidaroos offers condolences on death of Judge Al-Nahari
  21. Activities in Sana'a on anniversary of Ashura
  22. Inauguration school bag distribution project for martyrs' children in Al Dhale', Shabwa & Lahj
  23. Women's activities in Sana'a on anniversary of Ashura
  24. Al-Jawf's women organized event on Imam Hussein martyrdom anniversary
  25. President offers condolences on Al-Nahari’s death
  26. Speech event for number of executive offices on Ashura anniversary in Sana'a
  27. Two women's events & vigil in Al-Hayma Al-Kharjiya & Hamadan districts on Ashura anniversary in Sana'a
  28. Vigil for Standards Authority employees congratulates security achievement & empower revolution leader
  29. Women's activities in Hodeida to commemorate Ashura
  30. Supreme Elections Committee organizes event to commemorate Ashura