Wednesday, March 22, 2023
11:14 PM

  1. Industry Ministry announces a new list of upper ceilings for price food commodities
  2. Shura Council Speaker congratulates revolution leader by Ramadan month
  3. Shura Council Speaker congratulates President of Supreme Political Council on occasion of Ramadan
  4. PM congratulates heads of parliaments, judiciary & Shura Council on month of Ramadan occasion
  5. ICRC Relief interventions in Bayda discussed
  6. Interior ministry achieves 288,866 security achievements during eight years of steadfastness
  7. Al-Faraji: American occupation moves in Al-Mahrah to plunder oil wealth
  8. Local administration reveals losses of local authorities & their achievements during 8 years of aggression
  9. Discussing UNICEF interventions in Hajjah
  10. Dar Al Iftaa: Tomorrow, Wednesday, is completion of Sha`ban month, & Thursday is first day of Ramadan
  11. Discussing programs of Red Sea Ports Corporation during Ramadan
  12. Huge fire erupts commercial warehouse Hadda street in Sana'a
  13. FM congratulates counterpart in Republic of Namibia on National Day
  14. Al-Murtada confirms: Agreement has been reached to implement broad exchange of prisoners
  15. FM congratulates Tunisian counterpart
  16. Defense Minister: We are ready to take any combat stance & enemy must understand stage nature
  17. Security media broadcasts video of confessions of persons accused of disturbing public security
  18. Yemen's ambassador to Syria opens "Unity of Squares" exhibition in Damascus
  19. Parliament approves report of Joint Committee on electric generators activity regulation
  20. FM congratulates Iranian counterpart
  21. Eye of Humanity: Over 1,800 martyrs & injured as result of aggression in Marib
  22. Security services reveal details of case of disturbing public security & harming public interest
  23. Consultative meeting held in Sana'a to address begging phenomenon
  24. Presidential decree issued to appoint member of Shura Council
  25. Brigadier General Saree reveals in press conference harvest of eight years of steadfastness &confrontation with aggression
  26. President Al-Mashat launches 7 billion riyals in projects for martyrs' families
  27. Local Administration Ministry revealed losses of local authority bodies
  28. Oil Ministry meeting review specific weights of oil & gas tankers
  29. Discuss mechanism of regulating travel agencies work in Yemen
  30. Gas Company launches direct sales of domestic gas at 5,500 Riyals per cylinder